These are bubbles filled with "all-seeing" eyes.

The Eyes

The eyes inside a Satropon cannot see for infinite distances, but the distance in which they can see is too big to be properly comprehended, and cannot be easily distinguished from infinite vision. A test conducted in 610 OYC proved that an eye in a Satropon had an eyesight score of


The eyes vary in size, with some being up to 62100 LY large and others being just 2 feet large. The eyes are almost always colored white, but eyes can also be gray, blue, brown, orange, yellow, or just clear.

The amount of eyes in a Satropon are usually between 10,000 to 40,000,000.

Usage of the Eyes

Most Satropons have advanced civilizations in them, and they use the eyes in the verse as a way to see unimaginable distances. Due to this, they are extremely proficient at astronomy, and know an absurd amount of information about verses far beyond the Avtaverse. The eyes have also been used to spot enemy forces up to extreme distances, and have allowed these civiizations to plan an escape or build up their defenses.

As a result, invasions carried out on the civilizations in a Satropon are rarely successful.

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