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Scalene is the name given to a sentient entity that created the Verseuni and has negative size. She used to live in The dentist, but it had to move out quickly as the dentist began shrinking, and temporarily moved to a small, unpopulated corner of Oakverse. She rarely contacts people aside from Oakverse workers, Ska Robots, and Daves.

She quickly constructed a small verse (Verseuni) to hide in, safe from the shifting barriers of the Oakverse. When one of the tools used to make the Oakverse spawned in several large verses (like Oakmultiverse) it also spawned in smaller verses, which eventually became the verses nesting Verseuni (Verseuni Observable, Versemono, etc.), and the verses inside Verseuni (Versemulti, Versemega, Space and Unreality, etc.). She also created the R Skull as a security measure for the Verseuni.


Scalene vaguely resembles a salamander. She has a metalic, 6-legged body, and two neon green eyes. When she gets angry, her eyes begin glowing blue.


She is not metaphysical as she crafted the Verseuni with her own legs, but has slowly developed electromagnetic radiation resistance and verse-ejecting resistence to cope with the barriers of the Oakverse. Scalene also sees in the ultraviolet spectrum due to the vision debuffs in negative-size verse. She is able to swim in all liquids that are in the Final Texa, including ones poisonous to Bongus, Isosceles, and humans, and has a top speed of 48 light-speeds.