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Scootverse is a verse that looks like a blue and white triangle. This is Scoot's profile picture.


Scootverse was discovered not by Scoot himself, but by some random person who used Scoot's telescope. This was part of the naming of this verse.

When this person discovered the Scootverse, he fainted


The Scootverse contains itself an infinite amount of times. Every layer of the Scootverse has three other Scootverses at its vertices.

Some said it cannot be contained because of the self containment, but Scoot decided it must be contained by something. He is a box transcendentalist after all. He was correct.

Scoot's opinion on this verse

Scoot doesn't want a page about himself on AD, even though this verse is not about him. When he first heard about this verse's existence, he said:

"oh dear"

The rest of this verse he doesn't have an opinion on.

Formally, this verse incorrectly said his opinion on it, and he didn't like it. It has changed now, so now he doesn't have an opinion on it whatsoever.


The Scootverse has three layers to it. There is the atmosphere, the material and the void.


The atmosphere of the Scootverse is the blue glow around it. It is made of notrogen, but it is blue because of the light from the material layer.

This layer is responsible for protecting the Scootverse against anything that comes its way, since the nitrogen is very dense. While this verse is self-contained, that doesn't stop anything from being in-between its layers.


This layer is the main layer of the Scootverse. It contains all copies of the Scootverse, and it is also solid and white. It is made out of extremely cold hydrogen, which makes it near transparent, but like the atmosphere, the hydrogen is extremely dense, so it looks white from the outside.

While this layer is the most important part of the Scootverse, it isn't the largest. That title goes to the void in the middle.


This layer is not really a layer, but it is still part of the Scootverse. This void is a complete vacuum, but it sometimes contains some revisions of the near nothing that is in this void.

It has no gravity and is nearly absolute zero, so nothing goes in there, so this void is pretty useless.