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Sentialus-Port Asteroids are occasionally released by Sentialus-Ports and contain lifeforms called Asseribusfalcerperians. The material that composes them is seemingly unbreakable.


Asseribusfalcerperians are parasitic lifeforms that make their first home on these asteroids. They have a unique trait of rapid evolution and can develop to become 12 times the size of their original form within less than half an hour. If they can evolve to a certain state before the Asteroid explodes, they can use newly acquired “extracosmic-accelerator ” wings to fly to other Verses, where they infect larger creatures and slowly devour them from the inside.


On December 25th, 2019, a piece of one of these crash-landed in Winnipeg, Canada, it was quickly taken to be researched. And no matter what tools were used: It couldn’t even be dented. The material it is made of is so dense that it is unbreakable with our current technology. Study is still being done on this.