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Sentient Substance is an element that is the only known element that it's molecule is sentient. It can follow instructions, communicate, and show emotions by color. It is one of the only elements that have multiple word names, and this is only 2 words. Out of a whole blob, only one SeSu2 molecule has sentience. If every single molecule had sentience, the blob wouldn't be properly controlled with all the molecules doing different things. They do this by all choosing a certain SeSu2 molecule in the blob, then disabling sentience and giving that chosen molecule priority over them. If that molecule is destroyed, the molecule notifies all the other molecules in the blob and then the others re-enable sentience and the process loops.

Emotion Key

Sentient Substance also glows to express different strengths of an emotion. For example, if it's glowing red, it's angrier than if it was plain red.

Color Emotion Glowing
Green Happy Ecstatic
Blue Sad Miserable
Red Angry Furious
Yellow Excited Hyped Up
Purple Shy Embarassed
Gray Scared Terrified
Black Neutral N/A
Teal Tired Exhausted
Pink Confused Extra Confused
Multicolor Multiple Emotions Multiple Emotions of Different Strengths


This bizarre substance hears in Substancian, but knows what language an entity is speaking to it in. Substancian is a language used by Sentient Substance to understand what an entity is saying. It then messes with the entity's mind, creating auditory hallucinations to speak to the entity in whatever language the Sentient Substance knew it was speaking in.

Trosinium Sentide

Heating together Trosinium and Sentient Substance will form a strange compound called "Trosinium Sentide". This compound is distinguished from regular Sentient Substance because Trosinium Sentide has sparkles while Sentient Substance doesn't. This compound has sentience like SeSu2 itself, but you can program it's personality, much like you can program Trosinium's properties.


Sentient Substance needs to consume Sentient Substance Food molecules, in order to refuel it's sentience. When deciding the controller of the blob, it doesn't take any sentience fuel for some reason. The Sentient Substance Food molecules are not molecules, but instead are subatomic nutrients. These nutrients are absorbed by Sentient Substance to fuel the controlling molecule's sentience. It gets to the controlling molecule by somehow using nonexistent subatomic wormholes to the controlling molecule once it's in the blob's range. Sentient Substance won't operate without Sentient Substance Food, and will become sentient upon giving of Sentient Substance Food.