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Serev is another weird verse. It is sort of like a regular universe, except it is only 100,000,000 LY exact and it has n dimensions. This variable changes its value every time you enter Serev.

How to Enter

The only way that you can enter this verse is by glitching out of reality, similar to the Endless Walmart. However, you can't do this with Glitchonicite, The Seeker's leftover voids, or any of that other stuff. You have to go to an extremely specific location in The Too Big. This location is directly inside the sphere in The Too Big.

Attempts to get to Serev

Many creatures have reportedly heard about this verse from a Panomni God inside The Nested Infinity.

One creature tried to break inside the sphere to try to find that extremely specific location that took you to Serev. It didn't find the location, and instead got trapped inside the sphere and got recycled as a new verse. This creature, even though it became a verse, still had sentience, and told an Omni-God about it.

This Omni-god got interested, but it overestimated its chances way too much. It tried to destroy the sphere entirely. That backfired horribly, and ended up with the Omni-God getting terminated by the sphere.

After those failed attempts, no one has tried to get to Serev ever again.

Life in Serev

The life in Serev is really strange. They have no physical shape, and instead go to an object and take that object's shape. They also communicate with their thoughts with each other. This life doesn't need energy or food to survive. Also, they are similar to an Omni-God in every way except that they don't have as much power as an Omni-God. They also aren't affected by the dimensions changing. They haven't been contacted as of time of writing.


Serev also has weird properties. That has a lot to do with the odd cubic shape and the changing dimensions. Firstly, the temperature isn't like normal temperature in practically every other verse. The temperature doesn't depend on how fast the molecues move. The temperature doesn't even seem to depend on any physical change at all. Also, it is unknown how Serev is a cube, since the gravity is the same everywhere, even though there is only one object in this verse that has gravity, and that is The Smaller Cube in the center of Serev. That isn't supposed to happen normally.

Objects inside this verse

Some objects inside Serev include huge chunks of super strong material such as Omega Porcelain, TREEYUM, and Primordium Delta that are a few light years wide. These chunks are also weirdly round. There are also "stars". These "stars" are actually liquid, and they are held together by some atomic-level glue. It is unknown yet why they remain liquid and don't turn solid. Also, they are only about 8000 meters wide at most. There are no instances of gas planets yet in this verse. The Smaller Cube in the center is also made completely out of Uqraek fibers.