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The Sesrevhcra are the third type of verse in the Esrev Chain. They are very abundant. The name when mirrored gives you "Archverses".


There are many different kinds of Sesrevhcra, we will go over them.


An esrevagem is an esrevhcra that it's size is Unnamed * Megaverse, it's a huge step up from the Esrevitlum, and has everything else a megaverse has.


An esrevagig is an esrevhcra that it's size is Unnamed * Gigaverse. It has everything else a gigaverse has.


An esrevaret is an esrevhcra that, yeah yeah yeah. You get the point. Only the names of the sesrevhcra and it's unmirrored names will be shown.

The Rest

  • Esrevatep (Petaverse)
  • Esrevaxe (Exaverse)
  • Esrevattez (Zettaverse)
  • Esrevattoy (Yottaverse)
  • Esrevannex (Xennaverse)
  • Esrevakew (Wekaverse)
  • Esrevakednev (Vendekaverse)
  • Esrevakedu (Udekaverse)
  • On and on, yeah yeah yeah.