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Seven ("Baw" in The Pencil Language or Zet in Future English) is the verse that contains Six. This verse, unlike Six, is accessible, but is quite hard to get to, due to the steps required to get to Seven.

How to Enter

There are exactly 3 steps that you have to take to just get to Seven. All of these steps require virtually infinite precision, and are very hard to achieve, so less than 79 creatures have successfully made it to Seven.

  1. First, you have to start from Four, and travel infinitely fast towards its borders. Right when you hit Four's borders, you will have to switch your existence state. You can do this with advanced technology (which is the preferred way to go), or glitch yourself with corruptive substances (which is not preferred). This step is the hardest for many creatures, and many creatures have just glitched into Unexistence when hitting Four's borders.
  2. Once you successfully finished the first step, you will land into a placeholder verse that is otherwise inaccessible. You will have to break through the placeholder verse's borders. All you need to do is puncture a hole through the verse, and escape.
  3. After you broke through the placeholder verse's border, you will end up in an alternate version of Four. If you are lucky, a portal at the center of Four will take you to Seven. If no portal shows up, you will have to do steps 1 and 2 again. This is easily the most time-consuming step, and has gotten many creatures extremely frustrated over trying to get to Seven.


Of the creatures who successfully got to Seven, they took extensive notes on Seven's strange structure.

Seven contains exactly 7 Sixes inside it. These Sixes do not move randomly, and move in a very specific way, traveling π meters per second around the center of Seven.

The Core

Seven is also the only verse in the One Chain that has a core at its center. This core is spherical, and is made out of an unknown substance. The substance seems to only have one state of matter (solid), and glows a deep red. This core has also been seen to occasionally give off huge amounts of gamma radiation that travel throughout Seven.

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