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Going to day in to the toopy and binnu hghghgghghghghhghghghghghgghghhghghghghhghghhgh hi.

The Shamp woovers is a verse that contains a lot of shamp woo. Despite the fact that it is 1 atom bigger than Dish wipesvers, it is actually contained by it, for dimensionality reasons, I guess.

This verse has two sections, the toopy and the binnu. Both of them are very important for this verse's one function.

Shamp woo

This verse has a lot of shamp woo, which is a modified type of shampoo that is so good, it makes you say "woo!". Therefore, it is a really good alternative to the Dish wipesvers if you don't like it, because we all know the Shamp woovers is way better than the Dish wipesvers. And this verse is way better than the Toiloot watervers, ignore the toiloot fans, they are bad.

The shamp woo has a very rare and unknown substance known as soap, which has aspects from the Dish wipesvers integrated into it, so it is very good at cleaning. You can clean anything with it, but the best part is it won't be harmful to your skin because it doesn't have any Clorox Bleach in it, unlike the Dish wipesvers's dish wipes.

Going to day

The shamp woo in this verse works every single day, which is different from the Toiloot watervers because the toiloot water doesn't work on Sundays, because they are always down for maintenance on those days.

Also, if you enter the Shamp woovers just once, you will get a shamp cube which you can take anywhere and if you touch it you will be teleported to the Shamp woovers. This means you can go to it any day, today, and you don't have an excuse not to use the shamp woo that is here. It can clean everything, even your dirty socks you aren't currently wearing right now.

Toopy and binnu

The Shamp woovers has two different sections, the Toopy and the Binnu. The Toopy is the bottom grey part. This contains all of the shamp woo that this verse has, which is an infinite amount, so you will never run out. The Toopy is bigger than the Binnu because the Binnu doesn't need much size but we need a lot of shamp woo so the Toopy is really big.

The Binnu is the small blue part on top of the Shamp woovers. It is the thing that shoots the shamp woo out so you can actually put it on you. It works by sucking the shamp woo out of the Toopy and then spraying it by compressing it and shooting it. This is because it looks like a spray bottle that contains dish soap.

They are named this way because of the mark that the creator of this verse left when creating it. The section of the mark was named after a Geometry Dash level called "toopy and binnu", which was named after a children's cartoon except the level's name misspelled "binoo" as "binnu" and the creator of this verse kept the misspelling for some reason.

Hghghgghghghghhghghghghghgghghhghghghghhghghhgh hi

The mark of this verse, similar to Dish wipesvers, is "Going to day in to the toopy and binnu hghghgghghghghhghghghghghgghghhghghghghhghghhgh hi." This sentence has a capital at the start, probably because this one was typed on a mobile device which autocapitalizes the first letter of every sentence. Good Thing It Didn't Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word, That Would Be Bad And Would Remind Me Of AstralCat1 Pages. Anyway, the "Going to day" is referencing the fact that you can visit and use this every day, the "in to the toopy and binnu" is talking about the Toopy and the Binnu, and then the "hghghgghghghghhghghghghghgghghhghghghghhghghhgh hi" is likely a message to contrast the end of Dish wipesvers's mark, which had a different gibberish followed by a "bye" at the end, so the "hi" is likely supposed to contrast that.