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The Shapeverse is a large 2D planular verse, gray in color and circular in shape.

It doesn't have an invisible barrier, like the large majority of verses do, it simply is a very large disk floating around in its host Archverse (Tredaverse).

On the verse exists a Turing Machine, which uses the Shapeverse as a blank slate and consumes it to gain new material to function. The way in which it consumes the Shapeverse, is by eating it in geometric shapes, which it stores in its memory, in order to know exactly where to not consume or travel to (as to not lose grip). Geometric shapes can be described easily, much much more optimally than if it ate randomly.

While consuming the Shapeverse, the material is sucked into itself via a long tube. This material (named Shapium, indicator M-8544) is then placed on top of its surface like a puzzle. Once the new material completely covers this machine, the outer layer is shed off by disappearing.

The material quickly worsens in quality and needs to be replaced, as the particles inside that flow through it to power the machine, will lose their circut, if neglected, and kill the machine.