The Shinoverse is a verse containing Gigaverses and is one of the brightest, flashiest verses ever. The picture on the right is 1/ω of the actual brightness of the verse. This verse shines so bright, in fact, that all verses above it up until the Omniverse have a glowing part in the middle of it, that part being the shinoverse. It's so bright that it can shine through something that absorbs 100% of light, like The Shadow Realm.

The immense radiation glow of shinoverse came from shinoverse's initial formation. Some ω55 ago, seeds of verses quantum tunneled to exact spot in omniverse, instantly repelling with unstoppable force and creating shinoverse.

The repulsion converted 99.99999999999999999993482% of verse seeds' mass into energy, and converted energy was once again entirely converted into photons that are adapted to work in omniverse. Leftover mass of seeds dragged all photons in again, and with tremendous boom, shinoverse had all photons withing it.

The stuff that causes this nice shiny phenomenon is shinoverse attracts force of omniverse's verses. It does this by having lots of gigaverse seeds inside it. At random point in spacetime, gigaverse blooms inside shinoverse. But why does this matter to outside world?

Why it affects outside world

Shinoverse has a gigantic radiation pressure that is able to destroy gigaverses and convert them into countless expanding energy bubbles. Energy bubbles can merge into bigger bubble, but it is very rare case. Without any inside force, bubble collapses back from enormous radiation pressure of shinoverse space. the mixture of superdense energy is entirely converted into light.

Flash from popping of energy bubble is one pulse, but over the size of shinoverse, energy of pop pulse is lengthened to long wave, emitting static blow from shinoverse.

Unique properties of Shinoverse

Shinoverse can replicate occasionally by spitting out part of Shinoverse region either by some huge explosion or local decrease of explosion activeness splitting Shinoverses.

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