The Shreddedwheatverse is a Verse. Similar to the Coolverse, it is very populated and the population is thriving. however unlike it there has been little terraforming performed. Also, at the Center of the Verse is the Greater Shreddedwheatverse Nebula, the only source of Wotreydian, an incredibly potent fuel.

It’s Bigger on the Inside!

From the outside, the Shreddedwheatverse, true to it’s name, appears as a very oversized piece of frosted Shredded Wheat Cereal (see picture below info box). The material this outer casing is made of is extremely hard to break through and regenerates seconds after cracking, making it extremely difficult to enter the Verse.


Discovered Places


Popcorn Galaxy


Cosmic Brick Wall



Yoga Galaxy


Greater Shreddedwheatverse Nebula

Lesser Shreddedwheatverse Nebula

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