The skopwabshaverse (from "Skop Wab Sha" literally meaning "reality particle 0" in The Pencil Language), is an anomalous verse with 0 Reality Particles.

Somehow, the skopwabshaverse has no Reality Particles, meaning that there is an endless chain of containment in the skopwabshaverse. It still has molecules, atoms, and quarks, but after you travel into a quark in the skopwabshaverse, things start to become extremely glitchy, with most beings dying on the 8th nested layer.

The formula for the size of each layer of containment after a quark is this: , with R[#] being the layer of containment (going downwards). Due to this, the ~20th nested layer of the skopwabshaverse is smaller than the planck length.

The names for the first 10 layers of containment in the skopwabshaverse and their defining characteristics are listed below:

  • Molecule
  • Atom
  • Quark
  • 'Dfreegvgtks': Very empty, moves extremely fast but does not generate any friction.
  • 'Plfgreen': Is stationary. It will generate large amounts of energy if moved forcefully.
  • 'Qwszeen': Behaves roughly the same way as Dfreegvgtks.
  • 'Plgroo': Generates insane amounts of heat, very dense.
  • 'Qne': Time moves much faster.
  • 'Azwo': Very void-like, with little contents.
  • 'Nmopfe': Time is slowed down a lot, attempting to move in it will cause it to glitch.

The deepest any entity got into the endless chain of containment was 56 layers, before they were vaporized for still unknown reasons.

It is thought that life exists inside a specific layer in the hierarchy, although it has never been found before.

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