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Smallians are extremely tiny, even smaller than Okay.

Smallians are so tiny, in fact, that they can walk around on extremely tiny particles and their largest “cities” are thousands of times smaller than a preon. They don’t have to eat, drink, or breathe because anything they could use to do that (other than maybe eat) is too large for them to use.

They are located everywhere, and if something says that nothing lives there, these most likely do, as they are too small for most conditions to have any effect on them. If one comes in contact with primordium omega, they will die, however they are too small for toxicium to get them. They are a bit small for glitchonicite to get, but they might end up getting glitched anyways. They are so small that they can walk in between the particles that make some of the densest materials. In fact, they can fit through a negative-sized space because their size is also negative. They are sentient. Also, the five senses are not something they have. They don’t even have any of the lesser senses like feeling tempurature! They also don’t have very much in their body, and they don’t feel pain simply because their body isn’t able to.

They are somehow managing to become more intelligent, as when the species first began they had -ω IQ but now they have -1,000 IQ on average. It is hypothesized that their average IQ will become -999.9999999999 in a few undecillion OYC.


their IQ is still pretty intelligent on their scale, and in the near future, some of their technology may include making blueprint particle structures by relocating blueprint particles to create primordium. Their current technology involves extracting blueprint particles from primordium, but they tend to not do this.


OYC Event Notes Other
-5 Ω The first smallians emerge They are created by pre-bongus gods messing with blueprint particle structures. Most of these smallians die.
-2 Ω They learn to reproduce. The only reason the species survived this long was because of their lifespan and accidental reproduction before they learn to control it. Their numbers almost quintuple.
-9 googolplexian OYC The smallians explore other atoms for the first time. It is unknown how they did this, as atoms are huge for them. More research is necessary.
-82 googol OYC Smallians gain a small boost in power and also colonize other molecules. In this case, ‘colonize’ means ‘have 1 temporarily or permanantly located in for a long time’ Smallian power grows by 10% and their numbers have almost quintupled again!
-625 million OYC Smallians now exist on planets and moons due to catching rides on alternate asteroids and their locations quickly become almost infinitely spread out. ’Almost Infinitely’ doesn’t make sense... ? They soon end up inside stars and in other solar systems and even galaxies.
-23 OYC Smallians exist everywhere The wikiverse officially recognizes them and spreads them into almost all verses. They are some of the only known creatures that have reached Six despite it’s inaccessibility and don’t have full access to the core of everything. Them, as well as all other creatures to accomplish this, are practically cheating using the laws of reality.
340 OYC Smallian population is cut to about 68.27512% They find various things that are strong and kill them and stuff so they go brrrr hahahaha They have almost completely regenerated from 340 OYC as of today.