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Something is the thing that contains THE Library.

Structure and Appearance

Something is basically an endless, jagged, hellish landscape with occasional structures half-buried in the ground. It seemingly stretches forever, no matter how far you go. Some points are higher than others, and none of the jagged structures repeat. The sky glows a shade of orange, and there is a thin fog that prevents you from seeing too far. The ground is also colored very weird. Further analysis has to be done on the substance the makes up the jagged structures and the ground of Something.

Weird Objects found

There are many objects and structures found amidst Something. Some are normal, like occasional buried spacecraft and some THE Libraries scattered around. However, some objects are way more strange. For example, one object found was a small sphere that could change states of matter at will. It also appeared to be sentient. Another was a tablet with an inscription on it. The material the tablet was made out of is unknown, and the language written on it has never been deciphered. One of more dangerous ones was a huge dispenser that dispensed a random object, projectile, or matter every 128 seconds.

A massive facility of sorts filled with a dark, viscous, and extremely corrosive material and a massive generator apparently running on creatures' bodily fluids was also found. The exact purpose of this facility is still debated, but the common consensus was that this was a testing facility.

Many of the objects have been brought to the Ontological Museum for further study. All of these hint to an extremely advanced civilization that once lived here, but possibly died out due to the heat. No one knows for sure what actually happened.

Remaining(?) Life

Even though the temperature is extremely high, there is still life in Something. This life is ridiculously basic, and they also exist in small numbers. Most are concentrated at specific areas in Something. They have created small towns of a sort, and have given them names.