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Source particles are what Uqraek fibers are made of. Source particles are particles made of millions of tiny primordial particles connected via primordial string, and uqraek fibers are each made of millions of source particles.

building blocks

primordial particles

primordial particles are tiny particles that, when split, can create an explosion that can destroy an entire multiverse. They, if harnessed in “primordial weapons”, can be devastating. They, if not connected to primordial string, start to rot. If a primordial string is then reconnected to a rotting primordial particle, said primordial particle will stop rotting but the primordial particle the string is connecting it to will start to rot. After 1 hour of rotting, a primordial particle will collapse in on itself, and all nearby primordial particles will start to rot. This can spread like a virus until it destroys entire planets.

primordial string

primordial string is what holds primordial particles together. primordial strings are slightly unstable, as if a primordial particle collapses in on itself via rotting near a primordial string, the primordial string will explode. It will also explode if hit with an absurdly powerful force. Primordial strings will start to swell slightly if they are connected to a rotting primordial particle. It will, if unconnected to a primordial particle, will explode. If it explodes, it’s source particle will become slightly unstable, and if all of the primordial strings are gone, it’s source particle collapses into a heap of primordial particles. However, if there is a source particle without primordial particles, all of the primordial strings inside of it will explode.

the particle itself

the source particle is a particle that is made of around 70% primordial particles, and the other 30% is primordial strings to keep the source particle stable. Near the left side of the particle, the primordial string will be noticeably more common the closer you get to the left, while the primordial particles are noticeably more common closer to the right. There are still enough if each on each side to prevent everything becoming unstable, though. near the top, the formation becomes more erratic, while near the bottom, the formation becomes more predictable. They are thick and dense, and are also hard to damage.

what are primordial particles and primordial strings made of?

primordial particles and primordial strings are made of Chaos Fabric.