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These special numbers are numbers i created that are VERRY big,

these numbers can be used for super big structures such as the box AND EVEN BIGGER.

1 lillion = Googolplexium ^ Googolplexium

1 megalillion = 1lillion * 1 lillion

1 gigalillion = 1 megalillion * 1 megalillion

1 Teralillion = 1 gigalillion * 1 gigalillion

1 Petalillion = 1 Teralillion * 1 Teralillion

1 Ultralillion = 1 Petalillion * 1 Petalillion

1 Gilion = 1 Ultralillion * 1 Ultralillion

1 Giliplex = 1 Gilion * 1 Gilion

Theres also a very big number thats TRUE INFINITY

(say if you had this many apples each infinetly smaller then each other you coud not order them in a transfinite squence like the ordinal Omega, they would fill everyspace every where INFINETLY but with an Aleph Nol amount of apples with the same statistics you could put them in a transfinite sequence)

This is how big that number is, also its called QuintityZero


Edit: This is not the golden, silver, or bronze ratio, its a zero in middle instead of circle