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The square species, along with human TREEVERSIANS, are a species that live in Tyàts. Most of them are gradiental, monocolored, bicolored or tricolored, but Wikia users squares have a different appeareance. They started building cities about 2000 years ago, but the and TREEVERSIANS were Tyàts' colonizers. They are the most powerful species of the galaxy, both in power and technology, though, they usually only lived in their planet. Their cities are not usually big, the biggest, Pèron, has around 133 000 habitants, and 74% (98 000) are squares. The other two are TREEVERSIANS. Despite being so powerful, they are very friendly and usually don't cause conflicts between them, and they have been like this way since countries started forming, because they can eat almost anything and get energy out of it. They didn't need to eat very often because they can create perpetual motion machines, and one is inside their body made out of extremely unusual molecules, and somehow can keep them from decaying.


Inside the Squares, there are a few structures

The Chest

Pretty self explanatory. It's a chest, of box used to store thing. It is similar to Four's exit but without exit. It is a cube with a light ms of lenght. The square species can suck anything into it, except themselves.

The Head

The Head is the main important part of the squares.e the brain, which consists of 2 parts, the memory part, the movement part and the 'creative' part.. There is the eye part. The eye part captures it's field of view and it's cones (light sentive parts) takes the exact frequency of light we see, but in total RGB, like they see exact red, green and blue in the same brighness, so they don't get tricked by illusions.

There is the coloring part, the part which colors the outside.

The mouth is a part that they only use to eat, because they talk by making small vibrations in the air, so they can speak like we do. When they eat, the thing they have eaten goes to the stomach, which is made out of 20cm of teflon, because the stomach acid is fluoroantimonic.


831 AC: They become more advanced than 2019 humans.

1312 AC: They created perpetual motion machines

1325 AC: They created a machine that could create energy.

2013 AC: Googleaarex created the town of Àdimèsza.

2094 AC: They created teleporters.

836102 AC: They created protection against vaccum decays.

836163 AC: They made the Mena Quarósz system immune to vaccum decays.

836394 AC: They made the galaxy immune to vacuum decays.

5036123 AC: They created protection against CSEs.

5036519 AC: The protected the entire galaxy against CSEs.

9 382 441 864 AC: They created the star bomb, which when explodes, it turns into a star. In this case, when Mena Qaròsz exploded, they could revive the star.

~ 95 000 000 000 000 AC: As they survived the heat death of the universe, they recreated the entire galaxy, but not perfectly. They only created some stars.

~ 100 nonillion AC: The unavoidable dacay of atoms made the squares move Tyàts and its system to H̄æwnverse's rings.

~ 200 nonillion AC: cItIeS eXpAnD