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The Stableverse is a verse which is one of the most stable verses in all of existence. Any form of corruption or large scale chaos is completely absent in the Stableverse.

The Stableverse, while being very stable, has time. This has led to much confusion over to what "stable" really means, and to this day it is still debated if the Stableverse can really be called "stable".

Resilience Against Corruptive Materials, Usage, and Purpose

The Stableverse is very resilient towards corruptive material/substances such as Toxicium and Glitchonicite, making the Stableverse become a shelter for creatures caught in the middle of large interversal wars, in which Glitchonicite/Toxicium weapons are used a lot. In fact, the Stableverse's initial purpose when it was created in 591 OYC was to be a shelter for creatures in danger of such weapons, as tensions were rising between The Hugghiguyughiyuguhi and neighboring civilizations, in which a war could break out. This is not to say that the Stableverse is immune to Toxicium and Glitchonicite, as it has been damaged through such means, even if the damage was very minimal.

A few hostile civilizations wishing to expand their territory and/or influence have attacked the Stableverse with non-corruptive weapons. On a few occasions, the Stableverse was severely damaged due to these tactics, and was only saved by civilizations trying to rebuild the Stableverse. Most of these civilizations found out how to create the special Reality Particle which makes up the Stableverse, Swekn.


The first Swekn ever created. The image's zoom is about 5,000,000,000x.

The Stableverse, at its most basic level, is composed entirely out of Swekn. Swekn has a few properties which allow it to counteract the properties of corruptive/dangerous matter. A few of them include:

  • The ability to automatically "sort out" and remove out-of-place laws/forces, guiding them to the proper location/area in which they would not be out-of-place or dangerous
  • The ability to push away corruptive/dangerous material

Swekn is relatively easy to create if you have the proper equipment/tools. However, without adequate equipment, creating Swekn is near impossible.

Swekn, due to its properties, has been used a lot in many other verses/structures. This has rendered many Glitchonicite weapons obsolete, which also led to their decline in 9030 OYC.


The Really Cool Reviewing Cosmic Corporation gave the Stableverse a 15/16. This verse is the only thing so far to obtain such a high rating, and is the only non-artificial thing to even be rated by the group.