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Stealbots (Shyfkef Prob Bokpay Prow in The Pencil Language) are small machines used to drag and move all sorts of verses. They were the first Utilibots to be created.

Many civilizations and groups such as The Verse Givers have found Stealbots exceptionally useful, as they are very small and easy to produce yet are so efficient.

Stealbots are shaped like a cube with small openings and 4 very thin yet tough hooks which can extend for insane distances. These hooks are designed to latch onto a verse's barriers with ease. Stealbots are usually colored white or black depending on where the Stealbot is used.

Stealbots can be powered by almost any energy source, although energy from moving verses and fusion energy are used the most.

The manufacturers of Stealbots have been trying for countless OYC to let Stealbots move Anchorverses, although all attempts at doing so has failed.

Stealbots are not usually programmed to be able to think on their own or attack, but a few models of the Stealbot will attack anything which has damaged it. Still, Stealbots are very weak and can be defeated with simple plasma weapons.

The Really Cool Reviewing Cosmic Corporation gave the Stealbot a 13/16 rating.