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Stick World (otherwise known as Stick Universe) is a universe where stickmen live. It has a dimensionality of 3 and "unusual" physics.


Space is breathable, and land exists on the sun. The sun also includes a hotel.

Objects/stars/stickmen/planets can vocalize. Death is not permanent; respawning is an option. Cuz there is a Recovery Center

There are 2.743 quintillion people on Stick World's "Earth". Those people also have non-sexual non-romantic bonds with 3 quadrillion people.

Travelling faster than Stick Universe's speed of light is possible. There is no speed limit in Stick World

Escaping the Stick World isn't "difficult"; many inhabitants of Stick Universe have escaped before.

And the light speed in this universe is instant. So normally in Our universe if we look at 13.8 Billion light years away we see 13.8 light years before . But in Stick World if we look at 14 light years away we see it in exactly the same time.

We can travel in TIME. We can go to past and future. But only with a time machine.

The weirdest physic is Falling explosions.... If u fall to ground or water there is a 98% exploding like a kg of TNT. 1 % Not exploding, 0.5% exploding like 1 TON of TNT. 0.25% exploding like a atomic bomb, 0.2% exploding like Tsar Bomba, 0.049% exploding like a planet exploding, 0.025% exploding like supernova, 0.02% exploding like hypernova, 0.005% exploding like big bang. 0.001% exploding like the biggest explosion.

Living Things


there are 2.743 quintillion stickmen so I'm just gonna say 10 good ones and 4 evil ones.

10 Good Stickmen

(My Name), Tuzakçı (Trappy), Bilimci (Sciency), Firey, Light Lord, Good Light, Ingilizli ( Englishy), Unevily, Superry, Hızlı (Speedy)

4 Evil Stickmen

Mert, Ahmet, Evil Dark, Dark Lord


there are 1000 of them ill gonna say 5 of them

Fire-y(object), Hell Fire, Soul Fire, Heccfire, Supreme Fire

Space Objects

Some Living Space Objects:

Earth, Sun, Others stars, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Asteroids, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluton, other planets, Black Hole, White Hole, Galaxies, etc.