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A string is the fundamental building block of universes and everything else, they are on such a small scale, called the Planck scale. This means they measure a Planck Length like the quantum foam. It cannot be ripped apart. Although it is one-dimensional, it affects other dimensions. It is loop-shaped and unites the laws of the large and the laws of the small.

Supposedly, strings vibrate in different ways, each for different types of matter, meaning there are many different types of strings.

Anything smaller than a string would have lengths so small that they might have lengths that wouldn't make sense in reality. The only way to circumnavigate this is to have Microdimensions.

In our cosmology, matter and Antimatter are merged in the quantum scale by Strings, although matter made of this object is neutral matter.


  • Calabi yau manifold is nothing else than a 11D object.

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