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Sub-Omniversal Spaces, also abbreviated to S-OS, are the voids inside the Omniverse where the verses are inside. The actual emptiness of an Sub-Omniversal Space can be extremely different, from completely devoid of any matter to filled with all kinds of matter.

Types of Sub-Omniversal Space

There are at least 4 types of S-OS. All have different properties and contain vastly different things.

Empty Sub-Omniversal Space

These types of S-OS are the most common, and consist of absolutely nothing. Most of the S-OS in the local Omniverse consist of this type.

Quantum Sub-Omniversal Space

Quantum S-OS are just like Empty S-OS, except that these types have virtual particles in them. Other than the virtual particles, Quantum S-OS are basically the same as an Empty S-OS

Glitchy Sub-Omniversal Space

This type of S-OS is the rarest, and only appear when Glitchonicite somehow gets into any other S-OS. When these S-OS are near verses, they can destroy and completely obliterate them.

Packed Sub-Omniversal Space

Packed S-OS are the second rarest S-OS, and are full of matter. This matter can vary from being simply normal matter to dark matter, anti-matter, and even negative matter.