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Subexistions are a mysterious kind of particles, found in Chaos Fabric. They could exist, due to the complexity nature of Existence Ranks.

Weaker FES particles have more handful forces of Subexistions, which repel strong ones and integer ranks.[1]


Initially, Subexistions start as typically Function Blueprint Particles of sub-existence properties. By repeatedly putting themselves into their others, they gain an ability by turning dot particles into Existence Blueprint Particles.


As a kind before Existence Ranks, Subexistions typically have properties that setup those ranks. These could include forces that can put numbers into/out of a set. Some give a blank set of existence ranks to particles.


Subexistions come with multiple layers of elementary particles, which are unobservable by most entities, except strong W.E.N.D entities (like the Forcers), who have knowledge of sub-blueprint and sub-realmly particles.

·s can become Subexistion kinds at the lowest layer, when mediated by Function Blueprint Particles, with Property Blueprint Particles that define existence ranks. They are mostly formed by a Blueprint Master.

Subexistions exist at a lot of Archreality layers, in which 4 layers are currently discovered:

  • The Building Layer: This is where Subexistions build up to make Existence Ranks.
  • The Unglitch Layer: This is where null-existence particles get excluded by particles in this layer.
  • The Repelling Layer: This is where weak-class FES ranks are handled by converted into integer ones.
  • The Attraction Layer: This is where strong-class FES ranks are attracted for semi-existence ranks.

Relations to Acic Fields

Described as Existence Ranks, existence-4 and existence-5 are infamous for the formation of Omniverses, as they hold Acic Fields that attract each other and repel objects that neither exist nor non-exist. Those fields are shaped as infinite-dimensional icosahedrons.

Those fields could be mediated at a mysterious Subexistion particle, but we predict that it is really unlikely to happen.



  1. Some can prevent existence from fleeing into higher parts of the hierarchy.

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