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The super fruit is a giant verse that takes the appearance of a giant fruit. Super fruits can come in many forms, such as apples, oranges, bananas, pears, blueberries, grapes, etc. They also have an inner wall covered with the corresponding fruit, and is a void for the Distorted Existence. If you begin to see a wall of fruits, you know you are exiting your local Super Fruit.

Our local Super Fruit takes the form of an orange. The image shows a cluster of Super Oranges, that includes our local Super Fruit.



A super apple here takes the form of an apple, and unlike the others, has it's Distorted Existence in it's stem.


A super orange here takes the form of an orange, and is the form of our local Super Fruit. It also has its Distorted Exsitence within one of its seeds, and it's always nearer to the center of the fruit.


A super banana here, well you get the point. Anyways, it has random space monkeys floating around, and also monkey-shaped sculptures that are made of the insides of bananas. It's theorized that the space monkeys traveled to the edge of the Super Bananas to get some bananas from the edge, and sculpt the bananas' insides into monkey shapes.


A super pineapple here, is the biggest out of all of them (being around 3x the base size) and unlike the others, houses 3 distorted existences.


These are just normal.


These are around the same size as the Super Grapes, and only blue color exists here. No other color can be here, as it'd be filtered out 100%.


These ones have something special with their walls. They can also come in purple or green. Regardless of exterior color, the colors of each grape on the walls are completely random, purple or green.

There are also many more fruits, such as Super Dragon Fruit, Super Peach, Super Mango, etc.