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Super NA contains NA Endlessly times.

Super NA is a truly large and impressive fractal structure, and it's very easy to traverse as well. Its multitude of infinite expanses means that this place is teeming with trade and prosperity. For another odd thing, the NAs here are all exactly the same, having THE MAXes on the same dimensions in the same spot.

Due to its tight space, many tall bridges are constructed between NAs within here, and vehicles fast enough to traverse this still infinitely long bridges are also sold like hotcakes. This location's other weird features is that it looks very much like a regular NA, only the NAs are black splotches in a white plain, taking up almost the whole thing.

Tier One Unknown Anywhere Everywhere The MAX NA Super NA Mega NA Hyper NA Ultra NA Omni NA Final NA
Tier Two The Alternate The Purple Maze The Green Maze The Blue Maze The Great Complex Great Location Uber Realm Black The End
Tier Three Everyverse The Last The Coin The Bin