Superreality can be described as the output of mapping lower level realities to higher level realities within a unireality; in simpler terms, superreality is a reality that uses lower realities as fundamental building blocks instead of traditional objects. Due to this mapping, properties of a superreality are described using objects of a higher level than the Blueprint Particle, which themselves still however, are composed of blueprint particles.

All realities within a superreality are (mostly) permuatations of each other. This means that a Superreality doesn't get information from what is within the realities, but rather, what the hidden priorities of all of a given unireality's properties are. 

This means that for example, "This apple is red and big" and "This apple is big and red" are considered two completely different statements at a level beyond realities; they can be rewritten as "This apple is red and this apple is big" and "This apple is big and this apple is red" respectively, which is a combination of two different statements with different order. It is therefore implied that they are two completely different statements at said level.

To a being that lives in a unireality, like humans, the superreality is "fake"; it can never be observed by said humans. However, if you are a being that is a unireality in some shape or form and lives in a superreality, then said superreaity is real.

Mapping a List of Properties from Unireality to Superreality

There is one thing considered when mapping properties from Unireality to Superreality.

What is considered is how "ordered" a set of properties is; how close a set of properties is to being ordered by complexity. Complexity has many different definitions between Superrealities, but in our Superreality group, it is defined as the order function of an array of which's entries are mapped from a realities' properties to a value in a system of values. Said system doesn't have to be well ordered, but at the very least, all values within said system have to at least be orderable in some way, which can either follow standard logic or be illogical. The "order" is evaluated multiple times, where each evaluation uses values with different relations to eachother. The evaluations used depend on the superreality. These results are then combined into the properties of a reality.

Also, each superreality in our superreality group has a different take on this mapping from properties to values based on different interpretations. This means that one superreality could convert numbers to the sin of said number, while another could convert numbers to a values that are greater than themselves. The way our superreality converts these values currently isn't known, but the methods may be discovered in the future by willing cosmologists.

Our Local Superreality

Our local superreality contains superverses. The main ones are organized in the table below:

Superverses THE atom The Infinite Everything Knathsuperverse Kolmnasuperverse Altahsuperverse Ujkasuperverse Bhatsuperverse Ghuipsuperverse Terminal Icosahedron

Due to naturally occuring and common "regions" of similar properties within unirealities, which give duplicated/fractal/null structure from their high order (near 0 as an output of the Order Function), the superverses are normally either mappings of size from normally scaled to superreality-scaled onto low level objects, they have polytope or fractal shapes, or they are voids.

This pattern also follows with some entities within the Superreality, like Бойне Йаен, Фякот Гай Идубз, all of which have human-like looks and some human-like attributes.

Going from Unireality to Superreality

In order to go up in realities, you will most of the time need to have the ability to distort time of a reality, which gives a chance of putting a reality in disorder property-wise, increasing the chance of holes in a reality that allow escape to other realities. There is even a chance that you will get distorted property-wise as well, but usually, this is dangerous; it can glitch powers, causing them to be stripped from you. If this does happen however, then there is a small chance that you will become a superreal entity.

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