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Superverse is a rare Archverse type which can be found in a Hyperverse. By generalization, you can tell that this is a supplementary Archverse between Xenoverse and Hyperverse.


A Superverse is a sphere packing, containing hundreds of Xenoverses. It can hold up to 550 Xenoverses, due to Xenoverses escaping from the limits of Superverse, even the amount is close of that limit.

All Superverses contain parallel Xenoverses, which all laws are executed identically in Metaverses from those Xenoverses, like Metaversal-scale. This is caused by the center forces of a Superverse, which hold virtual particles together, but they slowly decay due to electromagnetic radiation.


During the formation of Hyperverse, Proto-Xenoverses will likely to form as nonexistent verses due to blank forces.

However, those blank forces can do more things that making verses nonexistent. Those blank forces are actually emitted by blank, virtual particles, with a huge wavelength. They hold laws and executions of a Xenoverse, given by a portion of Hyperverse.

When those particles escape a Proto-Xenoverse, this causes duplication, which one bounces back into that Proto-Xenoverse. Those particles then get pulled by other particles, due to one of major Proto-Xenoverse forces being electromagnetism.

This causes the formation of a center, and then causes those Proto-Xenoverses "parallel" to all scales, just like parallel universes.


Expanding your Xenoversal civlization is really easy, as there are parallel Xenoverses near yours. That's basically it. Due to this, Kardashev scale is a bit higher than Xenoverses, which is 7.1.

How rare?

There are currently 3 Superverses in our The Box, all discovered by the OV-215X-743Y-127Z expedition.

However, after the detailed research of the center points of Megaverse spirals, with a lot of experiments held by a Gigaversal civilization, the chances are extremely higher than we thought, as there is at most 1% chance of having Superverse in specific Hyperverses, ranging from sextillion light years to septillion light years.

Chances of appearances in different sizes of Hyperverses
Size Chance Size Chance
1 sextillion light years N/A (Not enough to form a Hyperverse) 1 septillion light years 0.056%
3 sextillion light years N/A 3 septillion light years 0.153%
10 sextillion light years N/A 10 septillion light years 0.451%
30 sextillion light years 0.001% 30 septillion light years 1.312%
100 sextillion light years 0.003% 100 septillion light years 0.067%
300 sextillion light years 0.014% 300 septillion light years 0.001%

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