Törmäysverse (or Törmäystenulottuvuus) is the verse that collided with the most verses in our Multiverse. His name comes from Finnish, Törmäystenulottuvuus is the junction of the words Törmäysten ulottuvuus, which mean "Dimension of the collisions". In total, this verse collided with other verses 307 196 times. It is an unique verse, because it is the only verse in our Omniverse to have the properties of Deltaverse (spinning galaxies around a ultramassive black hole), Yzinœverse and Lifeverse (53% Terrestrial form, 45% Aquatic form, and 2% Aerial form), and Omicronverse (has a animal as a king, THE snake).


Törmäysverse was discovered in 2192, by a Finnish named Aströma Kalanski, when he saw a extremely bright light blast in his telescope. It was as bright as HIP 59128 (apparent magnitude: 9.8). When he looked at the direction of the blast, at 6,570,000,000,000x zoom, he saw an impressive discovery of what happens when two verses collide. Three years later, he saw another light blast, and surprisingly, it was the same verse, and decided to call it Törmäystenulottuvuus.

THE snake, dying because another snake is a king now.

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