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THE Library is a library for verses. This library contains the The Tree of Order (which organizes most verses/voids in a tree that defines size and containment based on position), The Hallway of Dimensionality (which defines what each dimension is and what dimensions are included in which verses), and The Hypercomputer (which simulates verses). The Hypercomputer becomes slower the more verses there are, which explains why it doesn't do everything, but rather, a lot of the functions are achieved by other objects.

The Projector projects this library, and all the matter in it. The Projector is actually an entity that can control the size of matter projected from it, allowing THE Library to change size based on the biggest thing without metasize.

THE Library isn't contained by The Tree of Order, because it has metasize. A object's position in The Tree of Order is based on its size, and The Tree of Order is made in such a way that it blocks duplicated -verses and -verses with an uncountable infinity of positions on the tree. The objects in THE Library all have uncountable infinity (in quantity) of sizes as they have metasize, preventing them from being contained within The Tree of Order.

THE Woodant is a organism known to feed on The Tree of Order. This harms the verses within, explaining why some verses "get deleted"; they no longer contain anything or are contained by anything, which causes them to get erased from existance. However, some isolated dimensions or -verses can avoid this, since they were meant to be isolated by The Projector.

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