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THUB is a very large object that needs power to exist. If it runs out of power, it will stop existing. That has never happened, and the power is very strong and protected so it won't happen anytime soon. It has protection from Quod Infinita's growing property.


It is very full and most of it is pink. There are a lot of spirals and lines but they aren't made of matter. The only matter is in the core. There is a lot of matter in the core but almost no matter at the edges. Instead those are pure energy.

The lines

The lines are made of many different random types of verses. These are the types of lines discovered:

And there are probably more but we haven't discovered them yet.


The only thing that can go wrong in this verse is that the lines made out of Testverse1s will spit out all of their The Bockses in the basement of all the john's huts.

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