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The TREEVERSE is one of the biggest finitely-sized verses. Although it is very big, it only contains galaxies inside certain hypergroups, each themselve containing galaxies. It also exists in all dimensions, except dimensions below 2nd, and has a different property of each dimension's TREEVERSE. In it's planets with life, you can find lots of trees and TREES. TREES are trees that can reach 200-1200 meters of height. It can contain other verses, like there are [n, n2, n3...nn] Udekaverses, Vendekaverses and if the right dimensionality (5D+), they can contain the Multiverses.

It's biggest stars are the ꦋ-class stars, with a diameter from 12,741 to 617,194 solar diameters. The smallest classes of stars in a TREEVERSE are ䷨-class stars, with a diameter from 493-611 kilometers in diameter. As this verse's size is extremely really big, you may think that some of it's verses are exactly identical to ours, but no, but it can allow an Earth where humans exist, but have a different history. Only 92n-129n Tree-verse clusters (clusters that the closest verse needs to be <82.3 of itself verses apart, and contain 10+ of the same kind of verses) allow the existance of verses exactly identical to ours.

There are

TREEVERSES in a Barrel.


There are a lot of humans in TREEVERSE, just like Earth humans but they had a different history. The most notable of them are the humans in the Treckimea cluster, which escaped the TREEVERSE and didn't want war with other universes. These humans are the ones that landed on Tyàts, and made the TIC(Treckimea Intercluster Commerce)

Treckimea Humans

They are one of the 3 TREEVERSE humans that escaped the TREEVERSE and made peace. They founded the TIC and only they use it, along with their currency, the riennan, with symbol ᐕ.


Also called Gd1i, in

of planets of TREEVERSE, there is a element called TREEYUM (T), a element found mostly 74-394 km below the planet's surface. It is a lot harder than diamond, and nearly unbreakable. It is not radioactive, as 3 isotopes are stable, and it has a orange color. It has 64 protons and 2 exotic protons, that means it has the atomic number 64+2i. To be solid, it needs to be in contact with other materials (at least 6-8 μm away from them), otherwise it's going to be gas, but it liquifies at 0.0000000000032°K and solidifies at

°K when not in contact with other materials. As it is harder than diamond, it is used on 2.8km- skyscrapers, but it cannot hold the pressure so it will fall, so upyte is used.

TREEYUM-141+3i, the most common isotope of TREEYUM. It is also one of the three isotopes of TREEYUM that is stable (the others are T-140+2i and T-129+2i).


TREETITE is a synthetic material created by TREEVERSIANS, it has a HEP (Heptadecimal) color. The formula for TREETITE is

, base 17. The seaborgium is the HEP color, so HEP #176D1G will have 176D1G17 atoms, or 2037772 seaborgium atoms. It is used in spaceships, because TREETITE can survive (be solid) becoming gas when not in contact with other materials, but as TREETITE is more breakable than TREEYUM, it is only used in spaceships.

#6EB0GG TREETITE. It's formula is T2V7CoHe33Sg9742767. It is also known as the rock (6𝜋 pounds).


TREEMIUM is a mineral and element found in the core of

of the planets of TREEVERSE, and

have the element 152 or less kilometers above it's core. It is found in TREEVITE rocks, containing minerals like




(tri-TREEMIUM). It's symbol is M, and it's used to make TREEKITE. It is very rare in the TIC[1], because of the location of TREEMIUM. It also has a blue/purple color, but the purple color is rarer than the blue one. It has 37 protons and 1 exotic protons, meaning it has an atomic number of 37+2i.


TREEKITE is a synthetic material created by TREEVERSIANS, made to resemble TREEMIUM, and being cheaper, because you can make it by putting

(solid) in

(liquid), giving


, then the

is removed from the mix. In the TIC, it costs ᐕ371.28 per rock, 78.2% less than normal TREEMIUM (ᐕ1703.12 per rock). It is normally blue, but you can can change its color to green by throwing


(liquid), it will react with the ditungsten trioxide and form

, and its color will be green, that costs ᐕ439.03 per rock.


Unite is a synthetic rock made by Treckimea humans. It is not an element, but a junction of elements. It's chemical formula is

, aka 118Ut (the 3rd, most common, the 1st most common is 38Ut and the 2nd is 143Ut). The 118Ut costs ᐕ82712.49 per rock, and 38Ut costs ᐕ33925.28 per rock.


The Umite was created by the Treckimea humans, and is the highest Unite rock someone in a radius of 1 billion ly from the Trackimea cluster has ever created. It is 38319124Ut. It was created with some help of the squares, and it is one of the 612 out of 90000001 types of Unite (10000000Ut to 100000000Ut) that isn't radioactive.


The Upyte is a synthetic type of Unite, and it is the most common kind of one. It is very strong (stronger than TREEYUM!), so it is used on building skyscrapers. Treckimea humans that have gone to Tyàts also passed that material to squares. They only used it in houses. It is blue.

  1. The TIC was created and only used by Treckimeans.