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The Tales of Infinity are a collection of 30 mostly mythological tales about certain events, individuals or societies, whilst being often based around a moral message or real life event.

The Tale of the Stubborn Civilization

Countless OYC ago, out in the far reaching remotes and within deep infinite crevices of the Omniverse, resided a Universe by the marking of 4MTH(1-0-6). This Universe was a lonesome one, being the only advanced life-bearing verse in its host Multiverse. But life in the outside Metaverse was active and flourishing, such that when the lucky verses’ residents emerged, they wouldn’t be met with an empty shell of discarded Universes, but instead, unmistakable signs of highly-advanced life beyond their very own. The cause for the near-empty Multiverse is simple; the Universe’s laws were too sensitive, and upon any hindrance, their multicellular equivalents became impossible to form. As such, 4MTH(1-0-6) was left undoubtedly lucky and unlucky at the same time, something that some may consider a curse, and others a blessing. By any means, 4MTH(1-0-6), which we shall henceforth refer to as Tawlverse, both for the sake of the reader and what sheer simplicity alone would warrant, was left on its own, observed by their neighbouring civilizations which were eager to see them join the larger group in the near future.

In the Tawlverse is a civilization by the name of Mnalmnia, which is advancing alongside the other independent civilizations near it. For thousands of years the Mnalmnians lived alone, with very few advancements being made, as none of them felt the need for such technology in their lives. One may deduce from this already, that the Mnalmnians weren’t the progressive and curious type that we humans might associate with ourselves and expect others to be like. And on they lived for millenia, dangling on the edge of a 0.5 Kardashev society, and trans-dimensional travel with beyond-universe things. This edge, however, would be crossed once they had gotten enough alien messages and decided to investigate for any potential danger that it posed to them. As time passed by, they were receiving and transmitting messages left and right, with no real substance, other than confirmation of life and some signs of intelligence.

But while the Mnalmnians were on their planet, totally ignorant of what was happening around them or to them, the other civilizations, having made contact with each everyone not too long after, realized their potential and took action, growing their arsenal of knowledge in pursuit of reaching as far out as possible, until they could no more. So while the Tarchillians bore deep through the cosmos to explore everything they couldn’t explain back in their homeplace, the Ganil World, such is their name in English, advanced not in the open space by exploration, but instead, experimented and conjectured back in their own place of residence, until they were prepared to dispatch, with certainty and safety. The Bivan-Kaszal colonies, being probably on the lower end of the advancement scale of the Tawlverse, but needn’t  wait no longer as they had all the equipment necessary, set out on an adventure to visit, search, mark and document any possible habitable celestial object, for reasons too vast to even write down, but many of whom are important and obvious to most..

The search for a greater purpose was on, but the Mnalmnians didn’t join in. From the beginning of the exponential amount of events that affected the collective, the Mnalmnians were explicit with themselves about not partaking in them. As stated above, upon first contact, the only exchanges were simple and introductory, and as such, the Mnalmnians didn’t express their desire to abstain from progressing, and merly left their neighbours to contrive their own ideas about this particular civilization.

They bookmarked the frequency in which the Mnalmnians communicated in, and continued with others.

“...” - radio silence. That is precisely what others received from the Mnalmnians. It was very unusual to see a civilization not wanting to contact others, but everyone just left them to be.

Before we continue with the story, the reader may find it beneficial to be provided with a description of how the Universe functioned and looked like. As such, it will be described so. Sprawling from the geometric center of the hyperspheric verse are crystalline arms that grasp at the ends of their superior container. Branching out from those are twig-like disturbances of similar composition to that of the larger body. From them, the cycle continues until a fractal pattern emerges. The further one goes, the more the interior makeups, internal structures and properties change of the crystals, until a limit is touched upon, at a scale large enough for life to effectively live on and that can be pretty well compared to a planet. These so-called planets, and all the branches that hold everything together, are completely still, whilst retaining the dynamicity and natural excitement of flow.

During some time, researchers from different civilizations discovered a to-be event, in which two very large crystal branches were on track to suddenly break off and slam onto one another with an unimaginably immense force. It was predicted to happen in approximately 452 OD, and any living beings with no shelter, close enough to even spot the event, would be disturbed by the quasi-shockwave to guarantee certain death. Compositions and internal structures of nearby and faraway branches, both small and giant, would be affected one way or another, there was no escaping it without worse unintended consequences. These two large poles that could pose such an immense threat to life were large enough as to where they not only had their own break-off crystalline twigs, but entire systems of them, upon which rested billions of “planets” and on one even an unfortunate developing society  The Mnalmnians were directly in sight of it, and unsurprisingly, were completely oblivious to the upcoming doom. Other civilizations took it upon their duties to evacuate any advanced lifeforms out of nearby areas that would be heavily impacted, and to inform the rest of any potential dangers the event would pose.

The Tarchillians, already experienced in transporting impractical amounts of resources across insane stretches of space, instantly organized to help the poor civilization that was housed on one of the doomsday pillars. This unlucky society, called the Iwiyug, were much less advanced than the Tarchillians and definitely incapable of identifying the threat before anything meaningful could’ve been done. Their technology was similar to that of a type 1 Kardashev scale civilization and were relatively peaceful about the Tarchilians’ visit, with some expected panic amongst the general public, but were met with coordinated welcomes from leaders and hierarchs. Tarchillians, being the much more advanced ones in these situations, were the ones who quickly had to decipher the Iwiyug language to communicate to them the important following events. For technologically advanced beings, this is no difficult task. Languages can be easily decrypted and translated based on patterns from large enough text samples. Thus, the Tarchillians spoke to the Iwiyug rulers about the forthcoming apocalypse and what precise steps to take to ensure their survival, to which the personel agreed to and started arranging plans.

During this time, another section of the Tarchillian organized exploration committee had alerted and evacuated several civilizations near enough to the event to be terribly affected. The Tsauchepei, Adalls, Y Kaddanse and more, were civilizations which either evacuated without assistance, or were offered help by Tarchillians and used it. These relocations were neither temporary nor permanent. It was half-expected that after the event their residences would sustain some large damage but would be fixable over time, but the Iwiyug resided directly on one of the smashing pillars and so a permanent relocation of all possible resources was absolutely necessary. Each new home had to be as identical to their previous one which the civilization had grown accustomed to, so some had to be relocated much farther than was necessary to ensure survival through the event.

By now, it was time for the Mnalmnians to be contacted, which was executed by the Ganil World. From previous experiences, conversations and quick exchanges, it was to be expected that the Mnalmnians will not be as complicit as the previous societies that had been contacted before without real issues. A much more stronger reaction was to be expected, either in the form of deliberate ignorance, or even a small scaled attack. Whatever was about to happen would most likely not be preferable, but the go-ahead was called and some strong messages were sent to Mnalmnian systems, informing them of a recently-found natural disaster that is predicted to happen in around 452 OD, which would almost certainly cause permanent and massive glaring disturbances within the region. The response was disappointing but expected, as in, the Mnalmnians rejected their message and almost interpreted it as if it were an opinion, despite being completely objective. A somewhat irritated conversation broke out between the Ganil World and Mnalmnian officials, who weren’t aggressive or rude, but brushed off everything and anything said to them which would warrant any sort of large-scale action on their part. Mnalmnians ended the conversation after making zero progress, whilst the Ganil World was more than willing to continue and persuade them in any way, may it disadvantage them. The Ganil World returned back home with nothing to work with, only to wait a while and hope that the Mnalmnians got a seed planted within their minds, that would eventually lead them to make the right decisions whenever they were ready to do so. Left with nothing positive, but nothing necessarily negative either, the civilizations in charge of saving others had no choice but to leave the Mnalmnians alone, wait some fractions of OYC, and try again later, whilst helping others in the meantime.

By now, a handful of civilizations were rebuilding infrastructure on their new homes and adjusting to the sudden changes. The upcoming times would present challenges and a great deal of difficulty to those who were transported, but the much more advanced civilizations were more than willing to help when possible. It is quite a challenge to transport an entire civilization, as there are many, many beings that are in need of everything a developed society includes, but is impossible to access when working on a blank slate, so transportations themselves needed to include residences and provide everything necessary, meanwhile a designated faction was rebuilding back on the new place. This is something that two advanced civilizations can do together, with one housing, and both building. This is how teamwork works effectively, but when the civilization being helped isn’t willing to get helped, none of this is able to happen. This point is exemplified by the Mnalmnians.

32 OD after being contacted by the Ganil World, the Mnalmnians were contacted again. There was still a bunch of time for evacuations and the contact wasn’t exactly anything new, more of a “reevaluate your decisions” message. Well the Mnalmnians weren’t budging and the message wasn’t even made public. At this point, 2 civilizations are in the final stage of being transported and every single civilization in any danger had already taken action long ago. Not the Mnalmnians though, not them. They were completely unaffected during this whole deal. In fact, normal life was unchanged before and after they received both messages.

You see, the Mnalmnians lived lives of complexity comparable to that of the days of Robin Hood in Earth’s history, and it has been like this for a very long time. Of course, the Mnalmnians don’t have castles, kings, merchants or anything like that, but the similarities in complexity between then and our late middle ages are decently close. The Mnalmnians rejected any progressive change and so getting deported to another land was absolutely nowhere near close to something they’d be willing to negotiate at. But others didn’t know this, only the stubborn part was clear but nothing else, as the Mnalmnians had rejected other beings from any advanced or deeper contact, so others were just left in the dark, hoping they’d change their minds. Of course, it didn’t really matter in the long run whether some random unwilling society would die out or not, but the advanced ones were really doing this with selfless motives, they had practically nothing to gain from this.

76 OD after the previous contact, the Ganil World sensed that the Mnalmnians weren’t open to the idea because of the 2 previous contacts, so the Pentauri leaders took over to try to negotiate for the Mnalmnian survival. Using some different communication method would very quickly alert Mnalmnians that it wasn’t the Ganil World, whom they had practically blacklisted from contact at this point. At this point, over a quarter of the time till the crystal branch event had elapsed, so the pressure was on, so to say. The Pentauri noticed, that during the first Ganil World alert conversation, multiple debates / arguments had broken out, during which it seemed like the Mnalmnians had stepped down from some of their opinions, but as it turned out, the conversation between the Pentauri and Mnalmnians revealed that it was all an illusion. The Mnalmnians still held every single belief they had before, like for example, to list a few: the event won’t happen, and even if it does, it won’t be at all bad as you claim it is (Ganil World tried explaining the science behind their predictions, but not only did they not understand such complex science, they weren’t willing to listen to it), you will use this opportunity to weaken us and rob us of our resources (Ganil World explained that their recourses are useless when the advanced are already able to construct it without any effort. Mnalmnians seemed to step down after debating this specific point, but it turns out that they never changed their mind), you’ll want reparations afterwards, you’ll enslave us, we can’t trust you (valid point, so the Ganil World demonstrated their trustworthiness through then ongoing operations on moving out civilizations, which the Mnalmnians had no rebuttal to, but also never changed their mind on). In simpler terms, the Mnalmnians were stubborn as all hell can be.

The Pentauri conversation was similar to that of the first Ganil World one, but it ended in much more hostility, as the Ganil World practically banished them from ever contacting them again or other advanced civilizations trying the same, and firmly solidified that fact that they will never move from their “divine land”. The Pentauri were frustrated, to say the least, but it is a feeling many of us can relate to. The advanced ones were defeated, but only “mentally”. They were secretly forming a plan, which wouldn’t create change from the top down, but from the bottom upwards. The Pentauri would attempt to cause a grassroots revolution of sorts.

Thus the Pentauri planted secret “spies'' within their population, who would act just like normal people, maybe a bit withdrawn, but would study the language, societal norms, taboos and structures of society, gather as much information as possible over the course of many ODs, and then relay the information back. The Pentauri had come up with the plan and were initiating it. After finding volunteers, they transported them upon the planet and disappeared into thin air, like if nothing had happened before, now or after. From previous conversations with leaders of the Mnalmnians, the Ganil World already had some critical information about what is considered acceptable behavior for the Mnalmnians. This type of info becomes public for organizers quite quickly. 142 OD had passed, the mission’s first stage was successful and the volunteers returned back to their Pentauri home, now called Pentauri Py. By now, everyone in danger had been successfully evacuated, or were in the very last stages of doing so. It was now time to initiate stage 2 of the plan, which was the zenith of the whole operation, and would eventually involve Pentauri Py ships displaying messages in every Mnalmnian language, which were meticulously designed to invoke the largest of reactions in the proper manner, clearly speaking messages of an upcoming natural disaster and the leaders being incompetent in helping their fellow pawns out.

4 OD after the volunteers returned home, the plan was set and ready. The ships were launched and set in perfect position and displayed the messages. Extra invisible pods were set up to record how the whole event passed down on the home of the Mnalmnians.

The Mnalmnians weren’t sure how to react first, since random ships were floating around. Sort of a mix between discomfort and being on edge. However, when the messages began broadcasting, panic was clearly visible. It is difficult to describe how a non-human society acts using human words, but in short, there was an explosion of disorder, disorganization, chaos and action. A mix of desperation and hopelessness was wrapped around the entirety of Mnalmnia, and when creatures are desperate and hopeless, they act the most without regard for survival. The leaders were in panic also. The masses were clearly angry about both the ships and the leaders for not doing anything, so whether an insurrection or something else was going to happen, nobody truly knew. Many Mnalmnians perceived the ships as a threat and an attack, but whilst this seemed to be controversial amongst others, the leaders thought this too, and launched a small scale attack against the Pentauri Py, since that was the most they were capable of doing. A fraction of an OD, the Pentuari Py had to step back. The push against them from the Mnalmnian army was weak at best, but very clearly showed a message of desperation and retaliation, as they perceived everything done so far as an attack. Seeing back on the planet, it was clear that the messaging worked, whilst not having enough time to display their messages in every Mnalmnian language, it was enough, so the Pentauri Py head back to their bases. At this point, the advanced civilizations had to just wait for change to stir within and wait to hear back from the Mnalmnians. The waiting game had begun, the Pentuari Py had even retreated their spy pods that saw the action happening on the surface. A couple OD after this whole ordeal, the Iwiyug, the civilization closest to the disaster site and the ones who had to be moved out the furthest distance, were completely finished with transporting, thus marking the end of the survival missions. Every single civilization, society, macro-tribe, rogue lifeforms were relocated to a safe place alongside all of their homes. Every single one of the civilizations had a peaceful exchange, except for a couple which had tribal inclinations or just generally poor relations with their neighbouring societies, but every single one of those were sorted out relatively quickly. Nobody had to pay anyone in reparations or costs and now the advanced civilizations didn’t need to worry about anyone’s safety.

Well, except for the Mnalmnians. Everyone was just hoping that the stir of their society would point them in the right direction, but there is no real telling, unless the advanced civilizations were willing to force the Mnalmnians, but the ends wouldn’t justify the means in this case.

100 ODs pass, the time between the last contact and the apocalyptic event passed half-way. Transported civilizations were reporting their experiences to the advanced ones and receiving help with any issues. The advanced civilizations were at this point working towards finding a way to exit the Tawlverse, as they were reaching a point where their collective effort would yield a possible solution to the big Multiverse question (in other words, how to escape one’s Universe). Transported less advanced civilizations, after coming into contact with the more advanced ones, exchanged scientific information, thus progressing both parties in critical information.

97 ODs pass, it was the OD of the natural disaster. The crystalline branches had been “snapping”, so to speak, the entirety of the previous couple ODs. Terrifying disturbances could be sensed and picked up halfway across the Tawlverse. Parts of the two branches were shattering at this point, the built up pressure was so intense that particles making up the branches weren’t even detectable, systems attempting to log the properties of the particles couldn’t tell the difference between the particles, a completely unknown and corrupted substance, and the background space. The researchers tried to come closer to the branch using drones, but the drones suddenly started to fail one by one, and literally disappeared in front of onlookers, similar to that of an object’s light redshifting after falling into a black hole. The tension between the branches was getting stronger and stronger. Sensors located on the other side of the entire Tawlverse were picking up extreme disturbances and high levels of activity from an unspecified location, which later turned out to be the branches themselves. Scientists before this even didn’t know what would happen to the crystal-making particles that made up the branches at these conditions, as they were so unbelievably extreme, that no society came even close to producing them, even in microscopic and micro-time places, but as it turned out, the branches stood strong yet, but it was known that they wouldn’t last. There is a variable known as the Brál, which is used in many places to measure what we could call as “force”. It is a logarithmic scale, and the highest Brál achieved under perfect conditions by any advanced civilization in the Tawlverse was around 5870 Brál between two particles. In comparison, the largest force enacted by humans was roughly comparable to 140 Brál, while the force generated when two neutron stars collide is that of 1000 to 1100 Brál. 5870 Brál is unimaginably stronger than even that, but the two colliding branches were predicted and simulated to create a force of more than 4 trillion Brál. This type of force would immediately delete the branches from existence and cause permanent damage to anything remotely close.

And so it did. At around halfway to the next OD, the two branches instantaneously snapped, broke off and disappeared. Tawlversians can’t “see” using particles like photons, since the laws aren’t capable of doing that, but they have quadrillions of receptors for specific disturbances, and everyone near, even as far as a billion light-years away, was completely overwhelmed by the resulting “flash”. The flash completely numbed and activated all of the sensory receivers on the creatures. The “flash” was much more of an extreme disturbance, caused by the branches completely tearing a hole in the 3rd, 4th and even 5th dimension, and the dimensions immediately fixing themselves after. This was the cause of a “wobble” in the space-time continuum, but it was more of a tsunami than a wobble. When the Tawlversians were back to their senses, which was shortly enough after, everyone was able to witness an enormous system of branches snapping, tearing, breaking off, breaking and cracking. It was the equivalent of us humans watching the Andromeda galaxy fall apart violently with supernovae and hypernovae visible with the naked eye, directly after witnessing and feeling a universe-quake. Scientists had taken this into evaluation back when the planning began, so there was no civilization within reach of these consequences either. Regardless, the resulting collisions between branches caused a lot of damage to other civilizations from proxy-disturbances. Thankfully, these damages weren’t violent enough that advanced civilizations couldn’t fix them very quickly. Most of them the damages were fixed up before the Ganil World or Pentauri Py or the others even knew about them.

Even though the damages were undercalculated and underestimated, there were still no reported deaths due to extra precautions and safeties the advanced beings used in transporting the civilizations. This can’t however be said about the Mnalmnians.

Nearly all of Mnalmnia perished, 90% of their branch was damaged beyond repair, causing the death of around 99.998% of their population, leaving only approximately 12,000 survivors, of which 741 survived long enough for help to come, while the rest eventually died. Only 1 in 810,000 survived, and even then, only 22 weren’t left with permanent injuries and every single one of the survivors came from the region of Mnalmnia known as “Ed Oxignoir”, which was hidden away from the explosion by being in a very remote and secluded dark area. The number of survivors is known precisely, because right after the end of the event, the Tarchillians decided to look at the rubble of Mnalmnia, only to spot a decaying branch with hundreds of moving dots located in the most safe area. The surviving Mnalmnians were extremely desperate to be saved, so no retaliation attempts were made after learning that the Tarchillians were trying to help them. The numbers of casualties or even initial survivors is unknown, due to the fact that all bodies were basically burnt to a crisp and crystalized or vaporized during the incident (you can’t burn or vaporize in the Tawlverse since burning isn’t a thing and vapor relies on water <- only exists in our Universe, and state changes <- doesn’t work the same as in our Universe).

Surviving Mnalmnians were traumatized and inconsolable. The weight of the situation and consequences were obviously too much to handle for everyone who was present for the apocalypse. From the last attempt to save the Mnalmnians by the Pentuari Py 197 ODs ago, every known language of the Mnalmnians was catalogued, accurately described and translated, such that the 741 survivors would be able to communicate easily with other civilizations and recover, if even possible. Eventually, after countless help from practically every advanced society in the Tawlverse, the Mnalmnian survivors integrated with Tarchillians using special guidance to help them survive and hopefully return back to a relatively normal life. Residence on one of the Tarchillian branches was constructed, where all 741 Mnalmnians lived in a well-kept “town” of sorts, and continue to do so.

The Tale of Terror

This story takes place within a fairly obscure, but nonetheless widely known Universe belonging to the race of cosmic entities by the name of Humans. However, this story does not take place during the time of their existence. As the early hominid ancestors of present time Humans began at around 11,000 OYC, this cataclysmic event of total misfortune and bad chance, brought upon a population of creatures at the early stages of their development as a civilization, happened in the year 362 OYC. This event, nicknamed Yetmmud 0 as a twist on ‘patient 0’,  was the first ever sighting of a Yetmmud in recorded Realm history.

Long before Humanity swung its first club upon the body of an animal, or set foot upon the soil from the trees that came from it, a civilization of bipedal beings thrived and survived on a planet called Chetoma. Located on the outer edge of the galaxy by the classification of Messier 82 inside of a hydrogen plume alongside multiple other planets in its solar system, none of which were lucky enough to be blessed with life. The Chetomans living on their planet were very separated. Not with hate in mind, but for the sake of cultivating their own portion of the landmass, which was divided into 11 countries and numerous other islands.

988 years before the cataclysmic event, the nation of Hjemke sent thousands of its citizens into space to specific locations for the terraformation and colonization of habitable planets, as a result of many space oriented social movements from around that time. The majority of these were successful, and Chetomans were able to communicate with their space brethren on a daily basis. Within the next centuries, Chetomans would land on farther and farther away lands, establishing colonies and sometimes returning back to their home planet. In not too long, Chetoma had become a type I Kardashev scale civilization. Everything was going fine and well for Chetoma and its citizens.

In the year 58,680 KL, a widely popular Chetoma year system, and the 24th day, Chetomans woke up from hour to hour, time zone to time zone and began their day. From the land tilling and crop sowing of the Umsurbs, to the cackling of guns and pitter-patter of stones of Slemtsu, the planet began to show its other side to its Sun. As the day had passed a third of its way through, on the east bulge of Psumea near the border of Qosche, in a region called Kuscheti by the local populations, a group of townsfolk were heading their way down through the forest southward the flowing direction of the river Itchilek, down a small mountain called La Kalea

Elevated hundreds of meters in the air and located on the side of a mountain facing La Kalea a summoned Yetmmud stands still, suspended in air by air itself, unchanging and ever static. Not too soon after, a member of the townspeople group noticed through the pines a black figure levitating mid air, and alerted its presence to the rest of the Chetomans. Whilst the group slowly came to a stop to observe the black spot, and the other half continued walking without noticing the abrupt cease of walking, the curious Chetomans watched the dilating featureless form hang still in the sky. After several minutes had gone by, the Yetmmud suddenly, and without any easing, began to abruptly descend lower and lower, eventually making contact with trees and passing through them as if they didn’t even exist. The Yetmmud was currently making its way down through the top layer of ground of Chetoma, and the bewildered half-group of Chetomans began to walk further down hill to slowly catch up with the rest of their group.

Meanwhile life eased essentially to normal for the group who saw the black splotch in the sky, the Yetmmud slowly made its way through the crust to the mantle and eventually the core of Chetoma. Over the course of about 2 hours, the Yetmmud descended 25,000 km down to the exact geometric center of the planet and stayed in relative position for a couple minutes and began to radiate heat in extreme amounts. By generating a sphere of plasma the diameter of 12 km inside the core of Chetoma at temperatures of billions of degrees Kelvin. The completely white ball of plasma begun to then slowly heat up the planet.

After an hour, Chetoma had heated up by 1 degree celsius, and Chetomans who were measuring the temperature of the ground didn’t notice much. The soil of a planet increases and decreases like a sine wave throughout the day, waving in a range of a couple degrees celsius. An hour later, Chetoma heated up by 2 degrees celsius. The temperature sensors started to pick up unusual activity from soil of all depths, temperature sensitive fish swam down the stream further, earthworms dug upwards, but Chetomans themselves didn’t feel much. The planet continued to heat up, at first slowly, increasing in heat faster and faster. As the soil reached 30 degrees celsius, and the atmosphere began to warm alongside the soil, alarms began to ring around and red flags were raised. Many Chetomans, especially the ones who were used to colder climates and those sensitive to temperature changes, sensed the sudden change in temperature, but most didn’t suspect anything, as temperature changes are frequent.

As the temperature rolled over to 40 degrees celsius, things began to get serious. The temperature of concrete became too hot to walk with bare feet on, and many objects left out in the sun became too hot for comfortable contact with skin. Electricity consumption increased drastically, as air conditioning became a borderline necessity for equatorial countries, like Xemtua, or the Wahmeb island. However, the Yetmmud didn’t stop there, for the Yetmmud likely had no idea of the residents on the planet it was residing in. The Yetmmud kept up the ball of plasma, as the temperatures just kept rising. There sadly was no sparing of the Chetomans in this scenario.

The temperature rolled to 60 degrees celsius. Heat strokes became a common occurrence, each Chetoman that had access to a large freezer huddled inside, many with access to underground ice bunkers had to make semi-permanent relocations as quickly as possible. Mass panic began, from each corner of Chetoma. Nobody knew what was causing this temperature change, the only thing certain, was that it was happening everywhere, continuously and it was distributed equally. Many were suspecting a massive supervolcano, or some kind of underground flood basalt event. Unfortunately, as Chetomans were simply not prepared for these temperatures, electricity began to fall out worldwide, forest fires ravaged mercilessly, house fires became common as the fires spread and large plumes of smoke and dust covering the sky from the aforementioned fires caused the heat to be trapped even more effectively.

As the temperature roled through the eighties, nineties and eventually the boiling hundred, all Chetomans were dead. The last survivors either suffocated to death inside of ice chambers due to a lack of breathable air coming in through vents, committed suicide, or simply just heat stroke from extreme hyperthermia. Chetoma would only heat up another 20 or so degrees celsius, before the Yetmmud located in its center would suddenly disappear without a trace, taking the ball of plasma with it to another Reality.

Alongside this global heating, Chetomans who worked with satellites had sent distress signals to other planets where Chetomans had resided. These messages were futile, as the nearest communication stations which represented those disjointed partitions were simply incapable of providing any real help within the short allocated timespan. The Chetomans hadn’t known about it’s haste either. They had anticipated a quick heating and an eventual cooling, sending messages only out of necessity. By the time help could arrive, it was too late. The planet was covered in totally dark cloud, the ozone layer was practically non-existent, the Yetmmud had already finished its task and the ships simply had to turn back for additional support if they wanted to actually land on any surface. They had also done this, because they knew there would be no more life left.

The message of the end times for the Chetoma planet spread in the same fashion as the way the planet died; like a wildfire. Not just from one source either. As others had been observing the planet, they could very easily see the drastic change in discolouring and texture. Satellites pointed directly at the planet knew it the best. After recieving appropriate shielding from the planet’s predicted effects, the Chetomans which resided on the nearest planet in the Chetoma solar system made their way onto the planet. What they saw was both entirely expected, but also horrifying.

Forest fires had engulfed everything. On the ground lay the ash of carbon plants and fallen trees, dead carcasses of animals, burst ground by the hands of pipelines and underground gas bubbles. The ground was completely devoid of water, with the ground like a solid hard dune, burnt to the crisp. No life could be seen anywhere, not in the skies or underground sanctuaries, the only things alive on this planet were extremophiles near hydrothermal vents and ashed rocks, the specially protected Chetomans from another planet and deep underwater bacteria. Within the cities were collapsed buildings, rubble, broken glass and rebar, concrete cracked as if it were shattered and nothing stable remained erected. Brick laid buildings scattered under their own weight and instability, whilst wooden cabins suffered a fate worse by going ablaze alongside their tree brethren. The only remaining sign of life were shattered glasses, half burned furniture, torn dog collars, empty wells and crumbs of architecture on the ground. Burnt blackened bodies and skinless corpses covered the streets, some clutching hands, some clutching railings or branches, others scraping their fingers upon rigid surfaces. In the end, the Yetmmud’s actions were merciless.

Within the Vuhmou rainforests, those which were burned off completely, taking essentially the entire country with it as they covered nearly 100% of its surface area, were found to have the most surviving raw culture. Since they didn’t attain large scaled structures, many leather huts and stone sculptures survived with mild damage and were preserved fairly decently. In one particular isolated native population of huts located decently far away from any forest, later identified as the Ipio Noyuchenne, numerous scattered wooden boards were found nearby with symbols carved into them, alongside many corpses grasping tightly said boards and sharp blades. Approximately 50 meters away from the site, a pile of dead bodies was found, containing more than 90% of the tribe's population, stacked like burned meat and coals with sacred items with similar symbols carved into nearly every surface area. Including the leather clothes, nearby rocks and chipped off bark, the ground, and even the skin of other Chetomans.

These symbols were all recorded, totalling 223 unique, to be translated by linguists and specialists with access to files of documented Vuhmou languages. 2 months after the expedition, the translations could be finally executed. Of which only a half could be translated, the sayings which were carved included: “O sun, thy cruel teeth”, “curse you Biyo” (Biyo is the god of climate), “eternal brimstone [shall] lay upon them”, “aching, [like] fiery coal of Bavar” (Bavar is the deepest location with the Noyuchenne mythology’s hell), “they’ve all befallen to death”, and so on. These symbols of terror are the last remaining written and verbal words of the Chetomans upon the Chetoma planet. They represent the last moments of a civilization, and are famous around the other lucky Chetoman homes in the present day, which did not fall to the hands of the Yetmmud.

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