We live in a 3D Universe. Ask me this:


Do we live in a Universe, or a Multiverse?


We live in a Universe. We might live in a Multiverse. Some might say we live in a Multiverse. Others might say we live in a Universe. Who knows? There was a time we thought we live in a Universe, but a study found that we live in a Multiverse. What is a Multiverse? A Multiverse is an area with many Universes. We might live in a Universe and a Multiverse. Here is a table of data to show if we live in a Multiverse. We might live in a Metaverse even. 18:01, January 4, 2015 (UTC)

Verse Number of Universes
Universe 1
Multiverse 7
Metaverse 70
Xenoverse 700
Hyperverse 7,000
Omniverse 7,000,000

Here is a list of the sizes of stars:

Star Size(Solar Radius)
Sun 1
Sirius A 2
Vega 4
Pollux 16
Aldebaran 44.2
Rigel A 78
Deneb 120
Pistol Star 306
Antares A 806
Betelgeuse 1,020
Mu Cephei  1,120
VV Cephei A 1,200
VY Canis Majoris 1,420
UY Scuti 1,708

Cool right? Well, even UY Scuti is tiny compared to the largest star in the Universe. If VY Masses Majoris is real, that'll be the largest star known in the Universe.


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