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We can use the shape template to show that something is a shape. You don't have to, but it is a best practice to do so. Using this template will help this wiki learn more about your article.

Template examples

For example, if you were writing about a polygon, you will need to include this template. It will still look normal, but you will see the big blue button that says "Support this page for talking about the shape". That will bring you to the comment section below and you can reply a good comment about the article. This is true for any article that talks about shapes.
Note: This will not work for any other pages, use Template:Matter for matter pages, use Template:Space for space pages, use Template:Verse for verse pages, use Template:Dim for dimension and use Template:HistoryAboutShapes for people who discovered shapes.

Why must I use this?

Using this will let this wiki around the world help people around the world explore geometry and other topics this wiki is about. Try and test it out!


You might not have a wiki account, that is okay. What has to be on the page is like you got it from Wikipedia and said it in your own words. You do not need a ref list. You can use ways to make it better like the template above.

Real examples