The Teraverse is an 21+4 dimensional set of Gigaverses. At this point, the Gigaverses are so far apart that a Denseverse is in the center of the Teraverse so that the Gigaverses stay in the Teraverse via gravity. The lawium amounts in here is also less compared to Gigaverses; there is only 0.0000000001% lawium in here.

Glitchconcite starts to become common here, especially at the Core. Many entities have have turned the Glitchconcite into Virusverses, then exploited this to break the Metabubble and go upward structure-wise, allowing exploration of the Hoolaverse. The Hoolaverse seems to be a barrier however; you can't become Hoolaverse sized and you are limited to the size of the SHARKVERSE at maximum.

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