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The Terrariaverse is a verse that has two sides, one in which can only have a violet wavelength, and the other part can only have a red wavelength. It was named Terrariaverse because purple and red are the evil biome's colors in Terraria (The Corruption and The Crimson, respectively). Everything that gets inside gets transformed to the Terrariaverse version permanently and instantly, until it gets in contact with unTerrariaversised sulphur.


About 8.4 billion years ago, a vacuum decay appeared in a random TREEVERSE cluster. Since the Higgs field density was similar with the outside, it didn't destroy everything, but it made everything red.

21 million years later, another vacuum decay appeared almost in the same location. This one made things purple and a little bit dessaturated and darker. 10 million years later, they collided and instead of one engulfing the other, they merged and the colors got kept, but it's expansion rate is smaller.


Crimson (red part)


The name was taken from Terraria's ore called Crimtane, a red ore. Terrariaverse's Crimtane (TVC) is a material that glows red because of the reactions that occour inside it. Just like in Terraria, it is used to make pickaxes that glow without using other light sources like lamps by inserting bits of Crimtane ore. It's non-crimsoned counterpart is praseodymium.

Table made out completely out of Demonite.

Corruption (purple part)


The name was taken from Terraria's ore called Demonite, a purple ore. It is used to make purple glowing furniture, because it appears to be smoother. Since things out of the Terrariaverse keep Terrariaverse's proprierties, the furniture can be kept to outside civilizations. It's non-corrupt counterpart is ytterbium.