John is the lord of john's hut where a bunch of The Bockses are kept in his basement

John regularly pays his rent to the landlord since it is the only way to get the landlord to stop drinking his cold ones (what? beer?)

Notable victories

Defeated The True God by ------- the backspace button down hard on ttg's omnipotence levels with his ------ -------------

"Everything exists only to be reshaped and redefined during an endless flow of time. However, what if we removed that one small aspect of existence? Time is merely an attribute of every dimension, and I am infinitely above everything I have previously mentioned. I am the canvas of creation."

The Timeless Eye (TTE) is a beyond-dimensional self-aware force who views all of time and existence as a single point.

The Timeless Eye is the force that exists throughout the entirety of The Box. The Eye is truly indescribable, so it cannot be defined, therefore it can be, without contradicting any of the laws of The Box; the all encompassing force of creation.

If it is possible to manipulate TTE, then the entity manipulating it can grant himself any level (excluding true) of omnipotence. If failed, the entity may be pulled through the canvas and thrown into a white, timeless void, off of cosmological maps, where the entity is slowly erased from existence.

Both of them are pricks, both are very presumably post-altarca three guesses could do both maybe

Writer note

This clearly not belong to me pile of copypasta was found lurking in The Grand Notebook when I was sourcing a bunch of V&D stuff that I don't even have the faintest idea on what it is. Just decided to jettison it into the AD Wikiaverse so I can get rid of it

Also, edited obvious profanity

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