The Teylomonomegaverse is a verse outside of the Omniverse that acts like a prison cell for dangerous cosmic entities.


The structure of the Teylomonomegaverse is quite complicated. It has a countably infinite number of layers filled with all sorts of dangerous traps and guards. The layer at the center is a prison cell with walls made out of Omega Porcelain, transported from the faraway Bowl. When the dangerous entities are first transported here, they will be interrogated and have to remove all graphite items, since graphite can destroy Omega Porcelain very easily. This layer holds all of the dangerous entities. There are many hidden voids and black holes that act as a further deterrence if any creature wants to escape.

Attempts to escape

There have been many attempts to escape the Teylomonomegaverse. The most famous and widely known attempt, known throughout the entire ∩verse, was attempt #127, which involved 1838 entities trapped in the Teylomonomegaverse corrupting and destroying a transfinite amount of layers using a huge stash of Glitchonicite before being stopped by the guards. 1738 of the prisoners were put back in the Teylomonomegaverse. The remaining 100 were considered too dangerous even for the Teylomonomegaverse, and were transported to Inane to be trapped forever. Another incident was Incident #92. There was only one entity involved in the escape, and it was nigh-omnipotent. It got through practically every single layer except for the last one, and almost destroyed the entire Teylomonomegaverse.


The appearance of the Teylomonomegaverse is a bluish sphere with many dots throughout it. The dots are the guards, traps, white holes, black holes, and the occasional star inside the Teylomonomegaverse.

There is also an extremely tall building inside of the Teylomonomegaverse. It is simply known as the Teylomonomega Tower.

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