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TFV Entry C1 - March 21, 6021 at 10:21AM M.EST

Dave Almnao here to give a description briefing on a newly discovered being in The Final Void. The "Other" One is a... being? Within The Final Void, and the assumed "Ruler" of it... it's age is unknowable, it's size is quite possibly endless, It's knowledge, power, and goals are all unknown. It's species is... (wha-?)... It's blank... I'll have to show that to my boss... It was discovered 3 days ago by ◼◼◼◼◼, who have been missing since the last transmission... more research is required.

TFV Entry C2 - April 3, 6021 at 12:03PM M.EST

Dave Almnao here with an update on The "Other" One, several death row inmates were teleported to The Final Void for different amounts of time, DR1A for 1 Second, DR1B for 5 seconds, DR1C for 10 seconds, and DR1E for a full minute.

DR1A came back and described nothing but a void of endless darkness, with nothing visible around him.

DR1B came back and said something looked like it was "moving towards him" slowly, interrogation needed.

DR1C came back screaming, and refuses to mention anything about it.

DR1E's teleporter got a "Out of range" error message and never came back.

Knowledge, power and goals all remain unknown. Species still simply says nothing. End of recording.

TFV Entry C7 - August 29, 6022 at 2:53PM M.EST

Dave is currently on a research expedition, so I, ◼◼◼◼◼◼ ◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼ am covering for him. After a lengthy hiatus on the matter, The Final Void research has continued. We have successfully taken a picture of The "Other" One, And it can be found in the document. The image was take- ... -sorry, my camera cut off. As I was saying, the image was- ([REMOVED], I'll need to you come with me.) Oh... It appears I'll need to cut this short. Apologies.