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What are The 3 Planes?

The 3 Planes are a set of extra barriers around the Teylomonomegaverse that perfectly reflect any lifeform back in at around 16 times the speed of light into their cell. It was installed by a 824/597 vote by the main guards around 17 quadrillion OYC ago. It consists of 3 layers of different shapes, which are copied down to near plank-length size. These are the square, triangle, and hexagon. You will need a keycard to go through the secret door, which is made out of Omega Porcelain.


The structure of The 3 Planes is pretty complex, there are 3 linked grids that have one of the most bouncy materials yet, Omega Reflectium. The Omega Reflectium is in a bubble across the grid. About the grid, it is made out of Omega Porcelain, just like the jail cell and door. There are also 16 graphite resistant tarps to fully prevent any graphite touching the grids.

About Omega Reflectium

Omega is one of the bouncy materials yet, with a coefficient of restitution of 8.23x1010. It does need to get powered by a lot of light to do that though. It can get the energy by transferring all of the energy from the light of the Teylomonomegaverse and then direct it to any object. This is also indestructible as it can bounce any tool of destruction until it turns into subatomic particles. This takes around 16.5 hours.


Just like the Teylomonomegaverse it contains, this also has many traps to prevent dangerous entities from getting past.

Vacuum of Disassembly

The Vacuum of Disassembly is a hole that puts any entity that enters it into a sphere with Omega reflectium walls that dissembles the entity into their subatomic particles. It shows up when an entity tries to go through the holes in the plane. After the entity gets through, it appears right in from of it and transports it into the room by sucking it up. This also removes all things that could damage the Omega reflectium. The disassembly takes around 2 hours.

Severe crushing

Due to the nature of weird structures like this, this can make the grid smaller than a plank length. It uses this by making any entity that is trying to increase the size of the grid get quickly crushed from the grid getting 10,000x smaller. There also are 39 extra layers of Omega Porcelain to make it harder to make bigger.