The Absolute is the concept of the Ultimate Reality, everything emanated from the center of The Absolute. Even concepts, like "true" and "false" and "contains" were statemented by it. The Absolute is a living entity that created everything, except The Box. The Absolute also created a race of beings called the Transcendents, who were almost as powerful and paradoxical as The Absolute to help him. It is impossible for there to be anything outside it.

The Absolute also solves the box's proportional problem. It can rule all portions of the Box, that aren't ruled by the Box.

Relation to The Box

The above might make it seem that this is beyond The Box, and this is correct. Except even that The Box is outside itself. Also, the above may make you think that it rules the box, which is true, except there are infinite portions of The Box that aren't ruled by The Box. The Box is very paradoxical.

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