The Abyss is a massive, deep universe made solely of a sticky, liquid black substance. It cannot be traversed in space vessels. At it’s center is a ring of light (see info box image), where all light originates. This is why everything past The Abyss is even darker than it. But while it may be the source of all light, it is also the source of all dark.


The Abyss appears to be made of liquid darkness. How is this possible? Unknown. The Abyss leaves many questions. The darkness seems to have sentience, as it will writhe and attempt to kill any sinners who enter. You must be pure of heart to witness the ring of light.

Ring of Light

The Abyss’s ring of light is a beautiful thing. Some say it is the origin of all Gods. Others go further and say it is the origin of all Life. It is unknown if any humans or Buttfrickers have seen the Ring of Light.


Avi’s species comes from The Abyss, however, they went to colonize The Basement and lived there ever since. Since then, almost nothing except microorganisms inhabits the place.

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