The All Time is the counter part of The Hyper Dream. It was contained by hyper strong chains containing the essence of dead gods infused within it, it its the only thing that can stop The All Time from destroying The Hyper Dream and The Voidance completely, even though The All Time is weaker than The Hyper Dream, The All Time can break all odds and kill all. The Great Separation was so powerful, that it broke the chains off of The All Time. Thus, The All Time started many wars between gods to cause carnage, which did not go unnoticed by The Hyper Dream, locating The All Time, hunting it down, and fighting it head on. The battle lasted for four inverse planck times. And in the end, The All Time won, but, The Hyper Dream, fully recovered, found The All Time again, incredibly damaged, and finished The All Time off. Containing it again, but with chains infused with the essence of Him, The Creator, and The Destroyer, constraining The All Time in a far off piece in The White Plain to this moment in time.
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