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The Anti-Concept is a particle with a negative amount of properties. Nearly no information about the physical appearance of the Anti-Concept is known, but any particle or verse with 0 properties contains the Anti-Concept, and also any particle or verse with a paradoxical property. This includes · and by extension the Xeyon.

Negative properties

The hardest part to understand about the Anti-Concept is that it has a negative number of properties (in fact, the Anti-Concept has exactly -1). Most particles have an extremely large number of properties (is a particle, is a concept, is smaller than The Box, is smaller than the Omniverse, is contained within The Box, ...), however the smallest of particles seem to have nearly none. This is because the Anti-Concept balances out most of its positive properties (the ones we can see and describe) with its negative properties, which are impossible for to describe. The Anti-Concept is the largest possible particle with negative properties, and it has been proven to be the largest.

The number of positive and negative properties in the Anti-Concept balance out to -1, making it a building block for other particles to have less properties than it seems they should. To think of it another way, · has 0 properties, the Xeyon describes those properties, and the Anti-Concept is what makes · have 0 properties in the first place. Because of this, the Anti-Concept can help prevent paradoxes.

Negative properties can be measured by measuring the amount of energy it emits. For particles smaller than Blueprint Particles, there exists a very small energy emission exactly proportional to the net of properties it has (called one Protojoule or PtJ). ⬤'s emission is 1 PtJ, and · emits 0 J, hence it has 0 working properties.


The Anti-Concept was first a theoretical particle that explained how ·s can have 0 properties, while that in itself is a property. A maximum size for the Anti-Concept was proven, which was smaller than both a Xeyon or a Forcer.

The existence of the Anti-Concept still remained theoretical for 1.5 OYC until new advancements were able to detect a new negative property being inside a ·. This proved the existence of the Anti-Concept, and was deemed to be a new particle.

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