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The Anti-Gods is a loose term describing those who wish to dethrone cosmic entities at least class three all the way to upper class 2 on The Official Cosmic Entity Hierarchy. Anti-gods see many powerful entities as oppressors and foes, although absolute deities like Alphasm and other class 0's are ignored. They themselves consist of multiple civilizations and species, but are split between two methods, individual versus technological power.

Individual Power

This side of the argument is generally focused on the idea of being more powerful than most universal cosmic entities, for every individual. If the standards to become a god are raised, lower entities will be forced to fall and be defeated. The standard for these Anti-Gods seem to be at least planetary manipulation. This of course requires genetic manipulation and some sort of magic force for each citizen that can be taught and accessed by nearly everyone. Technology does play a part, but their abilities alone allow most IP Anti-gods to travel wherever whenever.

Technological Power

These iterations of the Anti-gods focus on the abilities of their creations as opposed to actual power in manpower. Most TP Anti-gods believe that the IP Anti-gods are just hypocritical genetic manipulators. They focus on great AI and massive, voidborne spaceships and weapons which are capable of universal manipulation, pretty much replacing the people in the IP side of Anti-gods.