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The Anti-Great-Rhombicosidodecahedron is a Cetaverse in the shape of a Anti-Great-Rhombicosidodecahedron (Yes, that is a real shape). It is large enough that it can be made of Boxes while still retaining it's very jagged shape. (In other words this is very very very big). Boxes are basically atoms that make up this thing.

Despite being made up of The Box variants, this is not actually contained within the Final Box, or even the BOXinfinity. It is outside of both, containing duplicates of pre-existing boxes.


The Anti-Great-Rhombicosidodecahedron has many different phases, including past, future, and reoccurring ones. The picture provided for example - is taken during the Spectral Phase which happened ~905 years after the most recent Big Bang.

List of phases:

Creation (1.2 seconds after the Big Bang)

During this one, the AGR was only 3 lightyears in diameter. It lasted for 700 years.


This was the phase where the AGR first started getting all of it's Box variants. It did this by observing the BOXinfinity and meshing many different variants from there into one, countless times. But due to the BOXinfinity's endless size, they are all still duplicates. This phase lasted 45 billion years and gained 89.2% of it's boxes from it.


This phase had absolutely nothing happen. It lasted for 530 million years.


The temporary decay phase saw the AGR lose a lot of it's boxes during this phase. Many of them were ejected, many were just deleted. This phase lasted for 20 million years.


This phase saw the AGR get immensely brighter for an unknown reason. Likely to prepare for the Spectral Phase that would come after it. This phase lasted for 300 billion years


This phase is the one seen in the image. The AGR was completely filled with color and light for many years and is actually still in this phase today.

Future phases

It's difficult to know for sure what will happen to it in the future due to it's immense size, but here are some theories.


The AGR may lose many of it's edges and become alot more smooth than it's current state. This may crush some boxes or eject them out of the AGR.


After the Spectral phase is over, it may not have enough energy to keep a stable light and will become the darkest phase since the Creation.


Further time may cause many of the boxes inside to shrink, and shrink the ADR with them.

Temporary Chaos State

The decay may leave countless particles behind, and will likely scatter around the ADR causing absolute insanity, this can mean things like Atoms, Blood Cells, Serotonin, Carbon Dioxide, Water, etc. etc.


Something will happen here... We just don't know what

Second Decay

Those particles may corrupt the ADR, causing even more decay as it tries to fix itself.

(Not likely) Bullet Phase

The rapid attempts to fix itself can cause it to push a ton of boxes and itself in a single direction, having it move at close to the speed of light.

Final decay

The ADR loses an unimaginable amount of mass from the travelling. It will likely either break apart, disappear, or disintegrate.


The last stance that the ADR will ever make is one final explosion as if it were a star, but way... W A Y bigger. It will likely not create a gamma ray burst but will destroy many universes just from the explosion alone.

QS phase

The last remaining particles all join together to form what is basically a massive version of a Quasi-Star. What happens afterwards is completely unforeseeable.