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The Apheghaza, discovered inside of a quaternion dimension

The Apheghaza (penultimate hell, in Kaymizian), is a type of hell, where the information making up a specific entity gets affected. The deeper one goes, the more compressed the being gets.

One can only be brought down here by the powers of deities above this reality, powers unconcieveable by anyone.

Depth (LY) Max. size (Bytes) Brief description
Most beings look normal
Bugs aren't too visible, althought very


Violations of the laws of physics are easy,

corruptions happen commonly.

Extremely hazardous, every being is out to escape. A very violent place, uncontrollable behavior.
A phenomenon knowns as

"Spontaneous collapse" exists here,

where a being can all of a sudden get

stuck in a loop, collapsing in on themselves.

Anybody unfortunate to be here glitches uncontrollably, suffering is endless.
Entities here appear to be polygon mush.
Weird anomalies happen here, physics is

barely existant.

Collision is rare, beings look like one colored squares.
Everything is an infinitesimal dot.

"And then when one sins greatly and angers the higher ones: may he be cast upon the Aphe ghaza, there, eternal punishment and agony is without end. May one be turned soulless and inhuman and broken, til end of times." The Book of The Great Umflyr, circa. 970 B.C., p. 114

"Arheim, stop in your tracks! Cried the angel, but Arheim stopped not. Arheim stabbed the angel with great force, the angel died suffering vastly. This, upset the higher beings mightly. With a rage of a thousand bolts, Arheim was rooted into the Aphe ghaza; deeper than the deepest pores and cracks dwell. Arheim, leave he may not, for he is one with the worms." The Promozhoa, circa. 1100 B.C., Johoa 2:5, p. 76