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The B;ock is a massive B;ock (Quadrilateral with an absurd amount of dimensions) that is the hideout of The Great Axolotl.

What it does:

The B;ock sucks everything near it into The B;ock.


The B;ock consists of 3 important layers, listed below:

The Outer Layer

The Outer Layer is the shell of The B;ock and by far the easiest to penetrate. It has an extreme gravitational pull, and that alone will break the shell, sucking you into the corresponding layer to your plane of existence.

The First Layer

The First Layer is the layer entered when being sucked into The B;ock with an existence rank of 1. It is the second easiest to penetrate, but still requires immense force.

The Second Layer

The Second Layer is the layer entered either through a hole on the first layer or being sucked in with an existence rank of 2. It is twice as hard to penetrate as the first layer. It also is twice as pressurized.

All the layers follow this pattern up to The Final Layer:

The Final Layer

The Final Layer is the part where The Great Axolotl resides. The pressure here is comparable to that in the closest meter to Big Boi. It is impossible to enter this layer via the normal method of going down the planes of existence. The only way to enter it is by teleporting there directly.


The B;ock is often used as a means of quick transportation for powerful civilizations. It is most often used to escape The Box. The Great Axolotl is also known to use it as a hideout.


The inside of The B;ock is a cube with an area of ~87 Quindecillion LY. The only exit is a black hole in the middle of each layer. If you go to the edge of the B;ock and break through it, you will be sucked into the next layer. Due to this, many hopeless civilizations have been sucked farther and farther down the layers under the false belief that if they go down far enough, they will escape. If a layer ever overflows, the matter in a Quindecillion LY Radius from the Black Hole will be sucked into the middle and outside of The B;ock.


The B;ock was originally created by The Great Axolotl to live and experiment away from threats. The way this works is that most beings strong enough to threaten him would not have the mindset that there is a “Final Layer”.