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The Backrooms is where you go when you "No-Clip" out of reality. It is a large expanse of rooms, with a yellow hue, it has the smell of an old moist carpet, and the background noise of fluorescent lights at maximum buzz, Its huge in size though It is unknown if it's possible to exit the backrooms.

Levels Of The Backrooms

0. Level 0 is the first level, it is a simple room with the yellow hue, but it goes on for almost an infinite amount of time, if you stay long enough you will go to Level 1, interactions with beings is rare but can happen, they are a bit violent and are humanoid in shape. The darker walls scattered in this level are usually entry points to enter/exit in.

1. Level 1 is an infinite ware house and the lights can flicker and turn off at times. When this happens, the area can have entities making it dangerous. This level also contains almond water puddles

2. Level 2 is a very dangerous level of the Backrooms, the rumbling of machinery is louder but the buzz of the fluorescent lights is softer. The rooms will now slowly turn into hallways, after some time the drywall become concrete and enlarged pipes begin to line the walls, resembling industrial maintenance tunnels, Beings in this level are quite hostile. Sometimes the heat can be unbearable.

3. Level 3 is metallic and has never-ending tunnels. It is very similar to Level 2, but all of the lights are off. In Level 3, the tunnels are more claustrophobic than lower levels. It is said to be the most hostile and unexplored level, Beings are extremely hostile and if you come into contact with one of them, your only choice is to run in the opposite direction and pray that you can outrun it. Level 3 is where the machinery is found, as the rumbling of it is much louder than Level 2. Like that level, the heat can get unbearable, going up 160°F.

More levels

There are many more levels in the backrooms. All of them are here. It only contains Cluster I for now. (The first 999 levels):


  • Almond water

Almond Water is a substance found in levels across the backrooms. It is a critical source of hydration, and slight nutritional value. It is a sweet almond/vanilla flavored water that can be found in bottles of several different types; Typically without a brand or label on them. Almond water can be found in clear water bottles, metal water bottles, glass wine bottles, and even cartons.

source: Backrooms wikidot